Wash & Go Perfection

Wash & Go  Perfection  4a Out & Loose Wash and Go Wash and Go twa coils 4a type 4 hair coily coil definition Natural Hair sheamoisture Carol’s Daughter Eco styler Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel short natural hair condition quick natural hair styles blackhair care twaqueen Lovemycurls
( 4a ) | 8.26.15
Tagged: Wash and Go, twa, coils, 4a, type 4 hair, coily, coil definition, Natural Hair, sheamoisture, Carol’s Daughter, Eco styler, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, short natural hair, condition, quick natural hair styles, blackhair care, twaqueen, Lovemycurls

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Wash & Condition hair with products of choice. Deep Condition hair, you can use regular conditioner but it's best to use an actual deep conditioner, for at least 30 minutes but the longer you can leave it on the better and rinse. 
Dry hair with a tshirt but leave hair damp and use a leave-in conditioner of choice to put on hair. 
Section hair into 4 sections then use a generous amount, depending on hair type,  of gel or a curling hair product of choice and work it into the section until all sections have been done. 
Style hair into the way you want and let hair air dry or blow dry hair using a diffuser.