Wash and go and purple curls

Wash and go and purple curls  3c Out & Loose Wash and Go purple purple curls temporary color wash and go pop of color fun
( 3c ) | 10.29.14
Tagged: purple, purple curls, temporary color, wash and go, pop of color, fun

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From the Website:1.Protect - Put on gloves provided in the pack.2. Shake - Shake the bottle vigorously with the cap on for 10 seconds.3. Squeeze - Squeeze a few drops of the product directly onto the tips of your gloved fingers.4. Rub - Spread the product between your fingers by rubbing them together.5. Apply - Select a small section of hair and slide your gloved fingers over it. Reapply color and repeat for each section you want to colorThe instructions on the packaging says you need to comb you're hair, DON'T. It will feel stiff at first, but it tends to soften after a day. This seems to be awful for people with straight hair, but i think it's a great product for curls.
Use a hair dryer with a difusser to make sure the product sets and doesn't stain your clothes.