Washed, Groomed, & Diffused.

Washed, Groomed, & Diffused. 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go Wash and go devacurl no poo devacurl one condition Devacurl ultra defining gel shea moisture Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie Natural curls diffuser plopping microfiber towel
( 3b ) | 8.20.15
Tagged: Wash and go, devacurl no poo, devacurl one condition, Devacurl ultra defining gel, shea moisture, Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, Natural curls, diffuser, plopping, microfiber towel

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first I no-poo it up in the shower with Devacurl.
Then I add Devacurl's One Condition.  I rinse my hair in cold water (I can usually only handle this step in the summertime), but I only dip it in the cold, I try not too rinse out to much of the conditioner. 
I then finish up in the shower... singing, soaping, honey-ing (I use honey instead of face soap). :p I wring the excess water out of my hair and add Shea Moisture's, Coconut and Hibiscus, Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Best thing ever! Though I will say it's kind of bad, because it makes my hair so soft that I can't stop touching it. Bad!! No touching. :p  Sometimes I also comb the ends of my hair with a wide tooth comb to elongate it.
I then add, Devacurl Defining Gel, and awkwardly plop my hair upside down on the toilet seat into a microfiber towel. I don't have a set time for how long I leave it wrapped, usually until I pick out what to wear. I've found, however, that if I overdry it, and then try to diffuse, things can get frizzy. 
After I'm clothed, I unwrap my hair, add a little hairspray, and blowdry diffuse on low until dry. For the last minute of dry time I use cool air. In this picture I also added some Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Milk after my hair was dry, as it was extra humid and I had extra frizzies. Also because I'm a product junkie.That's everything... It sounds like a lot now that I've read it over, but I've got it down to a solid 30 minutes now. I actually started using a timer, because I can easily waste a whole day trying to tame my curls......