Waves of Excellence on 4a/4b Hair

Waves of Excellence on 4a/4b Hair 4a 4b Out & Loose Braid Out Braid Out stretched hair 4a 4b easy
( 4a, 4b ) | 2.27.17
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Start off with clean, stretched hair. ( I am the one in the creme lace dress)
Using your fingers, separate hair into workable sections. Sections should be already detangled, but finger detangle if necesary. 
In each section, add in a moderate amount cantu leave-in conditioner and finger detangle lightly. (We want each braid to be moist, but not enough to revert and shrink.)
Add a dime-sized amount of coconut oil to each section. Braid each moisturized section (about 12 in total (6 on each side), depending on the density of hair). Adding more moisterizer towards the end, finish off each braid by twisting the ends. 
If you want maximum length, bobby-pin the end of each braid to the opposite side of the head from which you began the braid. If you started a braid on the left, bobby-pin it to the right. Cover with a satin cap, and head to bed. To finish the look, use hands lightly-greased with the herbal oil to gently undo each braid. Seperate lightly and bobby-pin waves in a way that best frames yoru face. Viola!