Wavy wash and go

Wavy wash and go 2c Out & Loose Wash and Go wavy
( 2c ) | 7.8.15
Tagged: wavy

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After cleansing and conditioning with SheaMoisture I applied Obia's Curl Hydration Spray throughout my soaking wet hair. 
I plopped my hair with a t-shirt to dry my hair and start encouraging my waves to form.
When my hair was feeling less wet I scrunched CURLS Gel-les'c into my hair with my fingers, starting at the bottoms and scrunching towards my roots. I plopped again to blot any extra product out. 
Finally, when my hair was more than 50% dry I started diffusing my hair to give it volume and make my curls more springy and bouncy. This step also makes my hair curlier.