Texture Tales: How Lazy Natural @jamiefrombklyn Maintains Her Long Hair

@jamiefrombklyn shares her lazy natural secrets for caring for long, curly hair.

Texture Tales: Iana on How the Pandemic Inspired Her to Embrace Her Curly Hair

“I kept seeing all the girls with beautiful curls and remembered that I once too had pretty curls. At that point it just became my mission to recuperate my curls.”

Texture Tales: Jenia Shares Her Top Techniques and Tips For Her 3b Curls

More than the products, it’s the technique that matters. Once you get a hold of the technique, you will definitely get good curls with minimum products.

Texture Tales: Candice Shares Her Top Tips for Defined and Voluminous Curls

“Curly hair is gorgeous and being different is cool, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

Texture Tales: Cyann on Her Natural Journey and Career Growth

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Most of us were taught to hate our hair, so we have to learn to love it and when you do, it’ll show.”

Texture Tales: Jessica on How the Curly Girl Method Helped Her Love and Embrace Her Curls

“I never dreamed the one thing I despised the most would transition to become something I love and now cannot imagine changing about myself.”

Texture Tales: Jasmine on Loving Her Curls While Growing up in Nepal

“The curly hair journey is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.”

Texture Tales: Mathu on Embracing Her Curly Hair to Redefine Cultural Beauty Standards

“In order to love your natural beauty, you need to love yourself and that can take time.”

Texture Tales: Julia on the Importance of Self-Love and Appreciating Her Curls

“Going to therapy pushed me in the direction of self love, which also meant appreciating my naturally curly texture.”

TextureTales: Sheila on Making a Commitment to Embrace Her Curls

“Coming to the realization that I had accomplished my goal and had a new appreciation and love for myself was my most empowering moment.”

Texture Tales: Kristy on Learning to Let Go of Perfection and Embracing her Curls

“As I began to learn about and embrace my curls, I knew very quickly I was going to have to let go of a couple things.”

Texture Tales: Gabi on Putting Her Straightener Away to Embrace Her Curly Hair

I know it is hard to say goodbye to a straightener, but you will only ever feel like the real YOU when you will finally embrace what nature gave you.