How to Style Short Natural Hair

How to do I create and style short natural hairstyles that I’m going to love? This is one of the questions that you may find yourself asking, especially if you’ve just had a big chop. On the surface, short hair can look boring because of the presumption that there isn’t much to be done with it, but is this true? This article seeks to examine the challenges of short natural hair and also proffer solutions, so let’s get right into it.

How to Care for Short Natural Hair

How to style short hair with limited length

Short hair is called so because, when compared to medium/long hair, it does not provide much length to work with. This can be bothersome, especially when you’re trying to manipulate your strands into a hairstyle, yet it keeps slipping off your fingers. So, how do you deal with the challenge of limited length? Simply look for and stick with hairstyles that are suitable for short hair so they don’t give you problems during manipulation.

How often should you wash your short natural hair?

Due to its limited length, the scalp beneath short hair is more exposed to dust, dirt, and harsh weather conditions, unlike longer hair. As such, it requires proper cleansing to keep it healthy. As someone with short natural hair, it is advisable that you wash your hair at least once a week, moisturize it daily to keep it from getting dry and massage your scalp weekly to improve blood circulation and hair growth.

How to work with shrinkage

Shrinkage is many a naturalista’s pet peeve, and this does not exclude ladies with short hair. Because of how shrinkage hides the actual length of the hair, it can be irksome, especially if you want your hair to appear fuller and longer after styling. One effective way to deal with this challenge is by accepting that shrinkage is a natural part of your hair. When you come to embrace the shrinkage, you’ll find out that it’ll feel less frustrating for you when the actual length of your hair doesn’t really show in hairstyles. Another thing you can do is stretch your hair using African threads before styling, as this allows your actual hair length to show.

Here are more ways to stretch your short natural hair, without using heat styling tools. More on that next.

Minimize the heat exposure

Due to the limited length of short hair, it can be more exposed to heat damage than medium to long hair when styled with heat styling tools. Worse is, if the hair is damaged by heat – unlike medium to long hair, where manipulating your mane into certain hairstyles can still hide the damage – it becomes obvious. To avoid this, you can totally cut off heat styling tools and opt for heatless methods of styling hair instead. Or you can apply a heat protectant to your strands before styling with heat tools.

14 Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Many naturalistas think that the styling options available for short natural hair are limited due to its length. As such, many ladies with short hair may not even think, let alone be enthusiastic, about trying new hairstyles, as they’re not even sure many hairstyles exist for short hair. On the surface, this looks to be true; however, it is a misconception. Different types of hairstyles abound for ladies with short hair that can be worn for different occasions. Not to wait any longer; let’s get into how to create short natural hairstyles,

1. Comb coils

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @alluringhairbyrina

For a hairstyle that does not require many styling items, apply gel to some strands of damp hair and twirl it on the teeth of a fine-tooth comb to create gorgeous popping curls.

2. The tapered cut

How to Style Short Natural Hair
Source: @tarajiphenson

If you’re bold and expressive, the tapered cut is the hairstyle for you. This haircut is best done by a professional.

3. The afro

How to Style Short Natural Hair

Short hair don’t care. This minimalist and homage-paying hairstyle to one’s African roots is created by applying hair oil to damp hair and then combing it up with an Afro-pick comb.

4. Finger coils

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @mizizi_by_shethnaturals

Another way to get defined bouncy coils on your short natural hair, this hairstyle is achieved by applying gel to a small section of the hair and twirling it around your finger.

5. Bantu knots

How to Style Short Natural Hair
Source: @paula.keta

Like the Afro, Bantu knots are another hairstyle that represents African culture. It is created by sectioning the hair and then wrapping it around itself to create a firm knot.

6. The wet look

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @tasalahq

A unique hairstyle in its entirety, this is created by applying gel to wet hair and then slicking it down with a hair brush. Trust me, with this hairstyle, you will get loads of compliments.

7. Puff puff hair

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @ddkhairbeautique

The puff puff hair, as its name suggests, is created by tying small sections of your hair with an elastic band to create little puffs.

8. Bobby pins updo

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @_meauxshairs

This hairstyle is particularly for the lady that does not do boring. It is achieved by pulling your hair into an updo and then accessorizing it with gold bobby pins.

9. Palm coils

How to Style Short Natural Hair
Source: @natura__essie

Yet another minimalist hairdo, this is created by rubbing a generous amount of hair gel all over your hair with your palm. It is best done on a TWA (teeny weeny Afro).

10. Shaved sides with coils

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @shdctour

This haircut is a combination of bold and daring with a sprinkle of drama. It is achieved by shaving your hair at the sides while putting the rest in beautiful coils.

11. Wash ‘n’ go

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @nuturehaircare

A popular hairstyle in the natural hair community, this is created by applying oil and curling custard to freshly-washed dripping wet hair and then shaking it. The result is usually bouncy coils that last for days.

12. Bantu knot out + braids

How to Style Short Natural Hair
Source: @adannamadueke

Instead of combing when you take down your bantu knots, simply convert it into another hairstyle – a knot-out – by braiding and accessorizing sections of the front hair.

13. Braided updo + twists

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @gemishaunhair

Braid both sides of your hair following a horizontal line, and then put the hair in front in twists.

14. The Afro puff

How to Style Short Natural Hair
SOURCE: @healthyafrohair

Pull your hair up and secure it with a band to create the stylish Afro puff.

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