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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Fishers, Indiana, United States
Lauren Kay

Jul 24, 2014 -

After years of hearing my daughter (16 yrs old) complain about her extreme curls (3B) and the lack of style/control she had over her hair, I was finally about to give into the request of a straightener.  I read all of the reviews on the different straighteners and decided the only option was a zero chemical straightener.  During my search for options of salons I ran across the site and found, what I believed to be, a better option and my last attempt at keeping my teenage daughter happy and with healthy hair.  

Lauren's reviews were outstanding and I wanted to try and give a new style a shot with her prior to the straightening route.  We were in luck that an appt had opened up right before my call and I believed that was fate!  We were in same day....when does that ever happen.  

She explained every thing she was doing and why, took the time to show my daughter what the difference in cutting the hair dry can do for curly hair cuts, and then taught her about the products she was using and the best way to use them to style her new haircut.  She kept the long length, which was very important to my daughter, but changed the style for the better...ten fold.   The style truly fits her face and is gorgeous.  Her curls have never looked so defined and healthy.  She walked out with a smile I have not seen in years after a haircut and she is still smiling a day later about her hair.  

I recommend Lauren to anyone who has curly locks.  She is outstanding and I am thoroughly impressed. She spent over 2 hrs cutting my daughters hair and the next cut is not for 6 months.  Here we were getting haircuts every 7 wks.  Her fee was beyond reasonable and a 6 month haircut will save me so much in the long run.  Lauren exudes a passion for curly hair and it shows in her work.  I also have extremely curly hair and cannot wait to get onto her schedule as well.  Outstanding experience.  Thank you.