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Shamas - Perrysburg, Ohio, United States
Amy Colvin

Apr 09, 2009 - Finally! I get to tell the world (well maybe not the WORLD..tee hee hee) how amazing my Amy Colvin is. Amy have been working on my curly, crazy, mess for close to 16 years now and I just have to say that she is one of the very best! Having naturally curly hair it was hard for me to find someone who actually knew what they were doing when giving me a cut. Since Amy has had curly hair herself, (when she was pregnant, if I remember correctly), she has been a absolute savior for me! I am the kind of girl that goes in and says...."Do whatever you want, just make me beautiful!" LOL Many times I will show her a picture and if it is not a good cut for my hair type, Amy will tell me and direct me to something much more flattering for me. As stubborn as I can be sometimes, I always remember that SHE is the expert~ not me! It is not easy to find someone who knows how to work on curly hair and I thank God that I found Amy way back when I did because now I know, regardless of whether I wear it curly or go for a sexy straight look, it will always look amazing because of Goddess of Hair! Ok, I guess that I have gone on long enough, but if you are looking for someone who totally rocks the newest and hottest styles while staying within the perimiters of what "your" hair can actually do, Amy is your girl! And don't even get me started on her Updos! Now that's a whole other level of greatness!! ;) Joanne M. Kitzler, Perrysburg