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Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

Apr 22, 2011 - I found this product very moisturising. It is one of the few rinse out conditioners that I leave in my hair. I am happy to leave this product in my hair because it is full of natural ingredients which soften and smooth. For me, this product is a great moisturiser but it is not a great conditioner. I do not get enough slip from this product and it's not the best detangler for my hair (unlike Knot Today). I am also a little concerned that there are two different ingredient lists for this product. The first ingredient list is the one on this site and the other one can be found on the aubrey organics website: I brought my conditioner from a shop in London and it has both sets of ingredients listed on the product. I believe that the ingredients list on this website is a bit misleading because it does not specify what is inside the 'Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base'. Some people like to avoid glycerin and there is glycerin in this product but the ingredients list on this site does not make that clear. Nonetheless, I really like this product and I will continue to use it as a leave in.

Boots Essentials Curling Cream

Sep 01, 2010 - I absolutely love this cream! It's really moisturising and it keeps my curls feeling sooo soft. I use this product as a moisturiser/leave in conditioner. I removed one curl because the cream leaves my hair looking a little dull. Nonetheless, its one of the best products I have used for moisturising my curls so I will use for as long as they make it.

Kinky-Curly Knot Today

Aug 13, 2010 - This product does what the description says as it detangles my tightly curled hair excellently. The only reason why I did'nt give it 5 curls is because it is not very moisturising. The directions on the bottle say you can leave it in or rinse it out, however, I find that when I leave this product in my hair it becomes dry. I found this an excellent product to use for co-washing my hair. When I use this for co-washing it leaves my hair soft, detangled and clean. It is the best thing I have found for co-washing, it easily removes all grease and product build up from my hair.