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Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Gel

Oct 11, 2014 - Usually gels leave my hair hard and matted, so I give this product props because I don't get that crunch or crackling feel. When I pair it with the Total Control, I have amazing results with incredible definition. When I use it alone, it works well too, but I don't get the lasting hold for my curls. Also, when used alone, it does leave my hair pretty soft though, which is surprising. As long as I pair it with the Total Control, I label this one a keeper (no pun intended!)

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original

Oct 11, 2014 - I liked this product for what it did for my curl definition. I honestly haven't used a product before that had my curls popping the way this product did. What I hate, though, is having to apply it on wet hair because once my hair dried, my curls kind of went limp. I also noticed I had to apply a whole lot of the product to see results - but that may be my fault for having super thick hair! The second time I used it, I noticed that it worked MUCH better when I paired it with the gel. The two products together gave me the best wash and go I've ever had in 4 years. I will say that I like that it doesn't have a greasy residue or a weird smell. If I were able to get great results without having to pair it with the gel, I would definitely add it to my regular hair routine. But I think for now, I'll just use it here and there when I want a nice wash and go.

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Root to Tip Mender

Apr 04, 2014 - Initially, I felt that this product was probably the least useful in the anti-breakage line. But after a few weeks, I can see it's importance. I've been using this as a leave-in after washing my hair and it's actually done a pretty good job of preventing breakage. My biggest complaint with this product though, is I feel like I have to use so much to get results. I have to pump that bottle so many times in order to get a good amount in my hands. Since my hair is so thick, and I have to use to much, I almost wish it were just in a jar for me to scoop out, or a squeeze bottle - but the pump is horrible. I focus mainly on my ends and I've seen a difference so I will continue to use it. I gave it this rating however, mainly based on the lack of convenience and having to use to much in order to get results.