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Nov 30

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Miss Jessie's Quick Curls

Jun 28, 2009 - This product did NOT work for me. I tried it twice: 1st time- I just "wetted" a section of the hair and put it on and let it dry and it didnt work. 2nd time- freshly washed hair, I took a small section applied it and used a blow dryer. still nothing... I was very excited for this product because I thought it was the perfect cream for permed hair, since all of Miss Jessie's Creams are usually/strictly for natural hair. But this product, for its price and size, and inability to curl my hair- womp womp womp. And the thing is... I searched the web for weeks for directions and reviews and I found nothing real. The one girl on youtube who had a okay enough review was european-american (white) or maybe hispanic. I wish Miss Jessie's hair team would do a how-to video using the cream on permed hair... step by step... not a quickie before after, but directions. I am just so sad about this because I just knew it would work, but no. Oh and my hair type is "4a/b"... (this is a shared profile for our American Parlor Blog Family... The only thing I can say is maybe perhaps if I put it through my entire head it would have been different. But for us permed girls... using cold wave rods and a good setting lotion like Nairobi or a good mousse like Mizani is the best thing- that way you get the curly look and you don't have to apply hard heat to your hair from a curling iron and it lasts since its set.