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Curl-Ease Curl-ease Towel

Mar 08, 2011 - I was really excited to receive my curl-ease towel in the post and ripped open the package to find....what reminded me of a baby- bed sheet ! I just had this feeling....but pushed all negativity aside and decided to try it out first before making any early assumptions, even if it was really thin and strange-looking. Unfortunately, the bad vibes were right aargh I hate it when that happens !!! I could not get the thing on to start with as shown on the video and eventually just used it to scrunch. It was soaking in no time and my curls were nowhere near dry. Not to be daunted easily I rose up to the challenge and tried again the next day, after a while I managed to get the thing into a sort of lob-sided turban and waited 25 mins. Took it off, hair still quite damp so was not sure to do then, air dry ? It Did no really cure any frizz at all either, and I still looked like I had been dragged through a bush backwards! I am so disappointed in this towel as I had really hoped it would put me out of frizz-misery! I prefer the micro-fiber turban I picked up cheap somewhere as it also does not dry my hair in half the time either, but quicker than the curl-ease towel does. I am coming to the awful realization now that I must accept the only way that really helps my curls is either putting in product when hair is soaking wet and leaving it to air dry (like 3-4 hours !!) or the easiest way out, diffusing until nearly dry then use my heated curling- brush. This is being honest (to myself) the only way to get my hair done nicely and the quickest! Sorry, I can't make this review any better than it is, and I would have loved it to work for me.