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Sofnfree GroHealthy Milk Protein and Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning Treatment

Nov 07, 2010 - I loooove this conditioner! Now mind you I have only used it for two months because I only do protein treatments once a month but so far so good (knock on wood). My hair has been stronger & I have noticed a considerable amount of decreased damage/breakage since using this. The one thing that would have thrown me off if I hadn't read other reviews on line (I research everything) is that once you apply your scalp will start tingling. I swear if I hadn't read reviews stating that would happen it would have freaked me out & I would have thought something was wrong lol. Long story short I love it, it's actually cheaper than the above stated price (97cents if gotten from walmart), one pack is plently for your entire head if you have shoulder length hair or shorter...& note I have extremely thick hair & it feels great after sitting under the dryer for 30mins! TRY IT!

Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream

Oct 03, 2010 - I have been transitioning for 3 months now and have been adamantly searching for a good leave in. I started my transition using Curls products however w/this economy and a toddler a girls gotta stay w/in a budget and I couldn't keep justifying spending $10 on Curls when I had heard so many good things about Cantu and you get twice as much product for half of what I was paying for Curls(and when I was relaxing I used their products anyway & still do on my son's hair mixed w/a litte evoo...recommended by his barber). Anyway, I have just added Cantu to my reggie about a week ago and so far so good. I like the smell and it makes my hair soft but the consistency did throw me off some bc it appears as thou it would be thicker like a cream but is actually more lotion like. I do not personally have the problem some ladies have been having w/the product build-up and I use it every evening as a leave-in :-) duh huh! and then seal w/my grapeseed oil & cover w/a silk scarf. I do this everyday until I wash, condit, etc. (depending on the week) and re-twist my hair once a week. I have 3c curls but as some are stating I really think this product along w/all others are a hit or miss for everyone. What works for me may not work for you (even if we have the same hair type...& why would it? We all lead different lifestyles food,exercise, medications, etc & all this effects how our bodies and hair react to things) so we shouldn't be surprised when everything does not work for all of us. You just need to keep searching and experimenting until you find the right products that work for your hair/lifestyle:-)!