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BioSilk Silk Therapy Original

Apr 17, 2014 - MY HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT. It's liquid gold in a bottle. Seriously. This stuff is amazing. You can use it as a stand alone product. In fact, my hair looks better when I use it only. Even though it's an oil, it DOES NOT weigh down my hair. My hair looks more bouncy, shiny, and voluminous, as a matter of fact, than when I use mousse or gel. Plus, it defines my curls beautifully and they look more uniform, while completely looking au naturel and product free. I always get compliments when I use it--on how my hair looks and smells. One of my friends would always lean on my shoulder just to smell my hair (lol)! I use quite a bit though. Some say a drop is plenty, but I use about 3 dime size amounts all over my DAMP hair, and I scrunch and go. For reference, my medium-thick hair is just above my breasts, curly. Sometimes I diffuse. The only time I use it on my dry hair is after I straighten it for shine. This is the only "high-end" product I buy regularly. Usually, I am all drugstore products, but this is well worth the price. I don't understand how it can dry out hair because it does the exact opposite for me. Just try it. I've been using it for 4+ years now.They come in small 2.26 oz / 50ml bottles as well.

Tresemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse

Apr 16, 2014 - I don't understand the bad reviews because this NEVER leaves my hair crunchy--even when I don't diffuse--and I put a lot. When it's curly, my hair is just above my breasts, and I use about 5 - 6 golf ball size amounts, and then I scrunch. My curls are well defined, yet very soft and flexible. The reason it got 4/5, is because by the end of the day, it loses some of it's hold/power. My hair frizzes a BIT. It doesn't look bad--in fact, it give's a sort of boho-chic look (lol), but it's not the same as when you first applied. Mind you, I don't follow the curly girl method, so that could be a factor. Anyway, to help it last, I suggest putting something under like a leave-in, or curling cream, or, put a bit of gel over it.

Aussie Moist Conditioner

Apr 16, 2014 - I used to use Organix Awapuhi Ginger conditioner (my old fave), which is around $8-10. I can get Aussie for less than $3, and it works just as well, maybe even better! It's great for detangling (AH-MAAAZ-ING SLIP)--a miracle worker! Plus, it makes my hair feel very soft. Also, it doesn't weigh down my hair too much, unlike Organix Moroccan Argan Creme which LOOSENED my curls. This smells so good too--like pineapples and coconuts. *** I don't exactly follow the curly girl method, so this and the other Organix conditioners I mentioned are not curly girl approved. ***