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Curly Hair Institute - North York, Ontario, United States

Sep 28, 2009 - I decided to give the Curly Hair Institute a try a few months ago after reading an article entitled "Curly Hair in Black and White." That article convinced me that I could trust my 4a/4b/3c hair to their stylists. Since Hiwot seemed to have good reviews, I decided to go with her. I was expecting to leave the salon with a cute new hair cut and new products and techniques that would be much healthier for my hair than hair gel. What did I get instead? A most horrible experience. Here's what happened: In the beginning of the appointment, I asked Hiwot if she had ever worked with hair similar to mine (tightly curly hair with several different textures). She assured me that she was trained to work with ALL kinds of hair including black people hair. Keeping in mind what I had read in the article, I felt like I could trust everything to work out just fine. How wrong I was. As Hiwot worked through my hair, and as I watched her technique through the mirror, I started to feel doubtful about my decision to go to that salon. The end results confirmed my doubts. My hair was a frizzy mess that was not even in a style. The shape was awful. When I shared my concerns with Hiwot, she told me that that was the best she could do and that Curl Keeper does not really work for black hair. Then she went back to attend to another client. Another stylist came over and started blow-drying the front piece of my hair without even saying a single word to me. Other staff members kept on glancing at me and giving me uncomfortable smiles. Of course I felt so out of place, being the only one sitting there with horrid looking hair. In the end, Hiwot just dismissed me saying that the products don't work for my hair and that I should just go back to using whatever gel I was using before. Then she went on to her next client and I was left sitting there with a big frizzy, shapeless afro type style (which is not what I went there for). If I had been advised that Curl Keeper does not work for my kind of hair at the beginning of the appointment, or if I had been at least warned up front that there was only so much that could be done with my hair using the CHS products, I would have bothered. I would have cancelled the appointment right there. At the end of it all, my hair was STILL full of split ends and one side was longer than the other. Fortunately, I was granted a full refund of my money. I would not go back even if it was free. I'm sharing my experience because I'd hate for anyone else to go through the same horrid experience. If you've got 4a/4b hair, please save your money and time and go elsewhere.