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DevaCurl MirrorCurls

Jun 19, 2014 - FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO USE THIS PRODUCT!!! I've been using deva curl for about 5 years now exclusively: No Poo One Condition Set It Free ArcAngel/Ultra Defining Gel Heaven In Hair I love all these products but had HATED mirror curls and I had many of the issues everyone on this thread is discussing, it made my hair feel dirty and gross when applied as a finishing serum to my hair now matter how little I used. Finally I went to a DevaCurl 2 hr class put on at our local Nordstrom here in Seattle and my eyes were opened on how to properly use the products! And now I've repurchased mirror curls and I'm OBSESSED with it. The key is to use it diluted in another product when your hair is WET. I have mid back length 3b curly hair that is very thick and this is how i use it: While my hair is sopping wet in the shower after I've rinsed out my conditioner, I apply a few sprays of set it free to my hands and glide it over my SOPPING wet hair, after that I take about 4 pumps of the Ultra defining gel (I'm still in the shower for all of this) and put 2 DROPS of mirror curls into my hand as well and mix it together and glide it all over my hair then I finally squeeze out excess moisture with a microfiber towel, once my hair air dries I have the softest shiniest curls every without any trace of product feel at all! I don't understand why the instructions on the packaging of many of their products don't match what we were told in the class and its very frustrating for the consumer but what I learned in the class is that almost ALL of their products are mean to be used on DRIPPING wet hair, not with excess moisture squeezed out at all. Their products are very concentrated and require water to dilute them and to help them distribute evenly and reduce the sticky product feel many of you complain about. A little of this product goes A LONG way I only used 2 drops and i have a ton of hair! This makes the price extremely worth it. I had been struggling with a lack of shine and this cured it! Hope this helps!