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Aubrey Organics Intensive Hair Repair Mask with Blue Green Algae

Jan 10, 2011 - I am honored to be the first to review this product. I seriously took a chance, spending $11.46 (sale price at Aubrey-OrganicsDOTcom) purchasing this tiny, 4oz container for the price it is offered at. It is difficult to give into something you know very little about and I was as hesitant as several others might have been about this product. I have a 3c type curl pattern. I initially wasn't certain how I would use this product because it was very easy to waste considering the size of this Conditioning Mask. I eventually decided to apply it all over my hair overnight. In the morning, I added a bit more sparingly and allowed it to sit for a little while longer. During the time that the protein mask sat in my hair, the fibers of my hair strands felt stronger. the reason I looked into this product is because I noticed several stray hairs at the crown of my head and several strands at the crown with air pocket bubbles. I believe that this was a direct result from the diffuser. I lead an organic haircare regimen and I did not want to invest in protein treatments that almost always contained ingredients that I couldn't pronounce, including silicones, which wouldn't be idea for me since I don't wash my hair with sulfates. While purchasing this product was a risk, because there are very little reviews and YT videos in reference to this, I purchased it anyway-shortly thereafter making a YT video of my 2-day process along with it. My experience was as follows: Amazing! As soon as I begun rinsing this product off my hair, it was silky smooth. I lead a very healthy haircare regimen, but this was amazing. The AO Honeysuckle Rose condish is my staple, but this conditioning mask was moisturizing, PH balanced, softening, a hair strengthener, and so much more.

Carols Daughter Hair Milk

Nov 21, 2010 - I traveled to Sephora to get free samples of this product. I wasn't very sure whether the product would provide long lasting hold. I washed my hair well, deep conditioned for 15 minutes, and followed up with the hair milk. It left my hair undefined, tangled, stringy looking, and far from what I'd imagine. It was disappointing. This hair milk may (though I haven't tested it) work better as a leave-in as opposed to a styling product.

Ecoco Ecostyler Professional Styling Gel Krystal

Oct 11, 2010 - First of all, in no way shape or form does this product compare to KCCC at all! It has a "product-y" feel to it, yet it dries soft, but it does tend to frizz and will not promote 2nd/3rd day hair. I have 3c curls, and this product is a bit heavy, but did not dry in that heavy consistency it was applied with. I would not refer to this product as a staple product and never compare it to the KCCC.