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AG Hair Cosmetics BigWigg Root Volumizer

May 19, 2015 - I usually love AG Cosmetics products but Bigwigg is not one of them. My hair is somewhere between 2A & 2C on top with 3A/B on the rest and is VERY thick so it tends to get majorly flat, causing a need for a little help at the roots. Bigwigg made my roots look stringy and greasy and provided zero lift. I know you listen to us, AG....please reconsider your formula with this one.

Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo

May 19, 2015 - Curl Qunecher Moisturizer is my favorite shampoo in the Ouidad line. It thoroughly cleanses my hair without leaving it dry or tangled. Also, it does not contain glycerin that makes my hair a stringy mess and fades my red color. The scent changed a few years ago from an herbal kind of smell to I don't know what, but it's not my favorite. As with all Ouidad products, it is a bit expensive for me as I have very thick hair that requires A LOT of any product in order to get it evenly distributed from scalp to ends. I find the other Curl Quencher products are also of the same quality as this shampoo.

Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner

Feb 10, 2013 - If you've read ANY of my recent reviews, you know of my deep frustration over being forced to relinquish my HG 'poo and condish for a different brand more suited to the desert climate my 2C/3A-B tendrils have been subjected to since moving to Nevada from Florida just under a year and a half ago (see other reviews for those brands). It has been a major undertaking with the copious amount of research I conducted just to find products that would not further deplete the much-needed moisture from my already thirsty mane. Enter Elucence. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a brand that not only came with rave reviews, but its price tag most certainly did NOT match the quality it was purported to possess. It is even named appropriately: MOISTURE BALANCING. It is neither too heavy nor too is just right to handle my dehydrated locks in this moisture deficient place and comes with an ever-so-subtle peachy scent that's barely noticeable after the hair is dry. I liked both this Moisturizing Conditioner and two of the shampoos (see reviews) so much, I purchased liter-sized bottles after the smaller ones ran out.

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Tendrils and Curls - Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Mar 05, 2016 -

After getting a horrific "pyramid" haircut at another salon, I made an appointment at T&C in Sugar Land. While it may appear on their website that they primarily work with Type 4 curls, they welcomed my misshapen Type 2/3 hair with open arms.

My wait was extremely long, however, my stylist, Sophia, unexpectedly had to detangle another client's hair, and my opinion was that if she was taking that much time to help someone else in the midst of a hair crisis, she would do the same for me, so it was worth the wait.

And I was right.

She gave me a short yet clear and concise consultation (consultations are mandatory for new clients and  must be paid for in advance-I don't really agree with this practice but was so fed up with prior experiences, I paid it), and her shampoo/condition was quite relaxing. Sophia cut my hair better than I've had it cut in over 5 years, and though it is shorter than I prefer, it was necessary in order to fix the previous bad cut, and she didn't cut anymore than absolutely necessary. She was also very friendly yet professional. 

I now have the volume and layers I have been begging for since moving to the Houston area. My curls have finally found a home!

As for the salon itself, it is expertly decorated, modern, and clean with a welcoming vibe. Also, they have a generous selection of curly hair products for ALL curl types- many of which I have only heard about here on NC, and some that are produced locally. 

No matter your skin color or ethnicity, if you have curly hair, Tendrils and Curls will treat you like the beauty you are. And Sophia is a hero wielding a cape and a pair of scissors!

The Curl Girl - Tampa, Florida, United States
Jennifer Kenney

Dec 30, 2010 - I always thought my very thick 3A/3B curls were strange looking and too difficult for most stylists to handle because over the years they have either complained about me while I sat in their chair, charged me more than they charged their other clients or refused to cut my hair altogether (2 stylists have done this to me stating it took too long and that they could see 3 clients in the time it took to work with me alone!), but Jen Kenney was completely different! She's very professional, friendly, and makes me feel so much more confident about having curly hair. She doesn't blow dry my hair straight after cutting it or encourage me to get it chemically straightened as so many have in the past, and she actually cut it into a style that doesn't resemble a pyramid or a bell. As a matter of fact, I rarely lose any length when I go to her; she mostly gives it shape and takes out the bulk and it looks so shiny and healthy! No matter how much training a stylist receives, I truly believe that properly cutting curly hair takes talent, and Jen possesses this gift-which is so rare. I'm moving away soon and I'm in a panic about how I'm going to find someone to do even HALF of what Jen has done for me, not to mention how good and happy and confident I feel when I get up from her chair. That says a lot - I lost my job this year along with several other difficulties I've been faced with, so my confidence has been in the gutter - Jen is most deserving of awards, kudos, a raise...everything and anything to express my and certainly her other clients' gratitude for how great she makes them not only look but more importantly feel.