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Redken All Soft Conditioner

Jan 03, 2009 - Really just too heavy and I usually can deal with a heavier product. I definitely experienced an annoying residue after using it. The same for my daughter's hair. I won't buy this again. Oh and the smell seems so artificial and exaggerated, if that makes any sense, certainly not a clean and fresh smell that I enjoy in my showers.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner

Jan 03, 2009 - I'm sure that there are better conditioners out there but probably not for this price. I love the way in made my hair feel and I actually don't think the smell is that bad, not entirely likeable but not awful by any stretch. I really had a good hair day using it and I thought it would have been weighed down from the cones. However, because of that I don't think I'll treat this product as a "daily treatment", but maybe every 3 days. Overall, my 3b hair is still very soft and bouncy and I'd definitely buy again. BTW lol, there's a CG on youtube doing a product rev for this and it seems, while describing the results of using this, like she was having an orgasm and THAT.. my fellow CGs.. was what made me get off my butt and hurry to Target. Sad.

Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner

Jan 03, 2009 - I am a relentless curly-haired woman. If I hate a hair product, I want my money back end of story. I will send a product right back if it's not worth my hard earned money. It can't just be a good product, it has to be something I can add to my "essentials list" or "can't live without list". With that said, I just tried this l-in today and I think it's safe to say I am in love. The smell, the lightness, the texture, the ingredients -not to mention the curls I'm sporting today! This is a wonderful product and I will never look at another l-in the same :O) And to think I wasn't even interested in buying any of Giovanni's products, they made a fool out of me.