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Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

Sep 04, 2013 - I have been experimenting for YEARS to find my true product/s. I tried this with Curl Keeper, as suggested, but did not work as well as when used alone. Honestly, if you have 3b thick frizzy unruly hair (like me, I am Greek), then you understand how hard this process can be. So far, this stuff is amazing! Work it well through your hair and let air dry in summer but when the humidity dies down, a diffuser will be alright to use. Then, the next day spritz water all around and the product reactivates. My hair lasts for days now! Also, I use hairspray to keep it in tact for second or third day hair. Just a light coat of Tresemme Hairspray. Honestly, this stuff gives you a great hold, a little crunchy but that makes me confident that my perfect curls stay in tact, and I get complements all the time-- even in humid weather. GET THIS PRODUCT.

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Ouidad - New York, New York, United States

Jan 22, 2014 - I have extremely thick, unruly curly hair that has always given me problems. During this summer, I decided I had enough of doing the minimum for curl care and decided to start putting my money and time into my hair (hence why this site is my new favorite so thank you to all the reviews and tips!) I found out about Ouidad from a friend who had read about it in a magazine. I couldn't believe there was a salon the specified in curly hair. I typically go to a salon which charges around $130 for a wash, cut and style (usually blowing out straight since most stylists don't know how to treat my curls without making me look like an untamed lion). I researched the heck out of this salon since my family was planning a trip to NYC over my Christmas break home from school. I asked for a cut from the salon as well as the conditioning treatment for Christmas. After stepping into the salon, I was so happy to see so many women with curly hair around me. Most of the stylists were rocking their locks which made me even more excited. My appointment was with Anila. She was extremely sweet and appreciative about my enthusiasm towards Ouidad. She took me through a consult for about five minutes where I explained that I wanted my curls to be more defined, but explained how most products can not hold me crazy thick hair. I also explained that I like the length and did not want my hair to be too big. We came to an agreement on the cut and style. I could already tell she knew exactly what to do with me and told her I trusted her to do whatever she thought would me best. S Everyone at the salon was upbeat and friendly. I had great conversations with a few stylists. Women were even there together for a girls day. The most popular thing to do was the deep conditioning treatment, which as it turns out can be purchased and done at home as well. I highly recommend this as they make sure your curls are quenched. Anila cut my hair using the Ouidad method and made sure that I was happy with the new layers and subtle bangs she was adding. When she worked the product in my hair, she explained and showed me how to apply this at home. She also gave me tips and tricks and walked me through my own routine critiquing few things that I may had been doing wrong. I bought the Climate Control Heat & Humidity gel as well as the leave-in conditioner spray for second day curls. I will probably begin buying the conditioner as well once I have money to start buying more expensive conditioner. I had such a great experience and found out from the site that a salon in my area offers the Ouidad cut and is trained from the Ouidad empire! I highly recommend this salon and probably any other variations from the brand in your area. I also recommend the products. My hair is so natural and really holds. I learned a lot and loved the experience! Hoping to come back again next time I am in the city!! Thanks Ouidad! So happy you opened a franchise for us curly heads!!