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Nov 30

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Devachan Salon and Departure Lounge - New York, New York, United States

Jun 21, 2008 - You round the last bend of the curved staircase and your steps falter as you realize you've been swept into another reality... the Planet of the Curly Girls. What more validation do you really need than a broad white space filled with gorgeous women who are crowned with every imaginable color and texture and length of curly hair? And you immediately know that you could be one of them. I was coming off 15 years of foil highlights and THRICE-weekly blowouts. My hair was destroyed from bleach, silicone products and daily sessions with the flat iron. I carried a butane-powered iron in my purse in case of rain or humidity. And I could have taken my kids to Europe on what I spent on my hair in a year. But dammit, I had the Marcia Brady hair I'd always wanted. Now, I am willing to spend quite a lot on my hair. My feeling is that you wear your hair EVERY DAY. Why wouldn't you spend what it costs to make it look fabulous? And I am not a person who likes risk, so I've always gone to top salons, reasoning that the best would work at the best (which is true.) Over the years, I've been a client at Brad Johns, Louis Licari, Peter Coppola, John Frieda and Frederic Fekkai. Nowhere did anyone actually suggest I embrace my curls. But I'd reached a certain age where you start to think about streamlining your operation. And then I happened across an online feature about the Devachan Salon. Giving up the fight did sound appealing, but if I was going to buy into the Zen of Curly Hair, I wanted the best, so I Googled my face off and Ana emerged as the clear winner. When I called and was told that she books two months out, I knew I'd made the right choice. In person Ana is the epitome of curly-haired perfection. She is so exotic and beautiful it makes your heart hurt, and just being in her company is comforting and affirming. She will cut your hair dry, curl by curl, and if it takes an hour (as did mine), so much the better because you will never feel more the focus of another's person's attention than you will when Ana is cutting your hair. The wash and set are magnificent. They're well-described in other posts, so I won't go into detail, but the products are unique and smell like herbs and fruit and flowers and the pinning and scrunching techniques are easy to do. The great products cut down on the clutter in your bathroom-- they're all you need and work out to be less expensive than your current habit of buying new things to try and then to abandon. (You thought no one was watching, didn't you?) I left that first day looking like a celebrity and haven't had a blowout since. I get daily compliments from strangers, and indeed, I'm known for my curly hair. I started a new job not long after my first visit, and when people come into my office and see pictures of me pre-Deva, they express bafflement over my fight to suppress my curls. The only way that visit could have been improved was if I could have left looking like a BLONDE celebrity! Easily remedied: before I left I asked Ana to recommend a colorist-- she named Esmerelda, and I booked that appointment before I ran for the subway. (Has anyone mentioned how conveniently Devachan is located, right on the corner at the Broadway/Prince station? I'm just saying.) A four-week wait for Esmerelda appointments, ugh; but the best is worth waiting for. It was worth it-- a month later, Ezzie painstakingly hand-painted each curl and I had streaky blonde bouncy hair of the variety seen mainly on magazine covers. And I got to know another lovely and charming girl with an interesting background. Why are you still reading this? You should be on the phone. Someone could be the line with Devachan right now, taking YOUR life-changing appointment!