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Just Cynthia @Loft 21 - St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Cynthia Cheslock

Jan 05, 2011 - Can you remember the first time you paid a visit to your current stylist? I do and with good reason: I had my first haircut by Cynthia in January 2007, and I remember the date clearly because it truly was a life changing experience! In fact, when January nears I often tease Cynthia that "our anniversary is coming up." As a curly girl born in '71, I grew up watching Charlie's Angles, the Love Boat and then MTV. And, like many girls of my age, I tried my hardest to copy the hairstyles of the TV icons of the day. Sadly, curly hair does not do the "Farah". And, when you factor in the humidity of my Florida home, well... you can imagine the disaster that was my hair. Two words: curly mushroom! As I got older, I learned a few things to help me manage my 'do, but I was certainly not proud of my curly locks. So, since that fateful day in January when I heeded the advice of a friend and paid a visit Cynthia, I have never looked back nor has my hair has ever looked better! Cynthia is my "hairy" godmother! She introduced me to products designed for curls, taught me how to use them, told me to shampoo less (a lot less!), condition more and gave me a hair cut that made me stand straighter, instantly lose 20 lbs , and allowed me to (FINALLY!) feel beautiful and excited about my curls. And, better than a fairy godmother, her magic didn't end at midnight. Cynthia still continues to be my "go-to" stylist and better yet, has become a friend. She now cuts my six-year-old daughter's hair, my three-year-old son's hair, my husband's hair (yes, we are a curly family!) and if anyone should ever ask me who does my hair, I gladly tell them they must see Cynthia. So, here's to you Cynthia - thanks for making everyday a good hair day!