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Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1

Jul 11, 2014 - Ive never written a review before, but I finally broke down and bought the Hawaiian silky 14-1. Well, its awesome lol. I have low porous type 4 hair and I've been looking for a leave in conditioner. So far, I've only used it on dry hair but it makes a great hair refresher. After I put it on my hair is soft with minimal shrinkage. I love big hair but hate having to wet and retwist to keep up the look or the moisture. I also play roller derby, so desperately needed something to help keep my hair manageable. Gets dry and matted under my helmet (yes I wear scarves and bandanas) if its not twisted. Now I can freshen my hair for the after bout parties and not have to don a ponytail! ^.^

Ecoco Ecostyler Professional Styling Gel Krystal

Sep 04, 2013 - I'm not much of a product junkie and like my routine to be simple, fast, and cheap. I'm really glad I finally tried this gel. Surprisingly the protein hasn't done anything negative to my hair. It defines my hair and seals my conditioner on my low porosity hair. Doing wash and gos has really saved me a lot of time versus twisting. I'm too afraid to use the ones with oil because oils make my hair super knotted and dry. I haven't tried too many different products, but after trying this I don't feel a need to lol