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DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Intense Moisture Treatment

Feb 01, 2013 - I bought this at Ulta the other day. Good thing it was Ulta so I could RETURN it!!! HORRIBLE! I have fine 3A/3b hair and not only was it NOT moisturizing in the least, it made my hair feel like straw. I used it yesterday and today my hair feels coated and gross!!! I'm off to wash it out and start over with something else.

Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Defining Creme

Oct 12, 2011 - I love this stuff. I have fine thin hair and I only use a small dab throughout wet hair and then diffuse dry. Makes my hair much curlier and the hold is perfect. I get second day hair too from it.

Darby's Latest Salon Reviews

Visions Salon and Spa - Auburn, California, United States
Toni West

Oct 07, 2014 -

So I see I can't edit so I'll update my review.  A few days have gone by and I have washed and re-styled my hair and it looks good.  Bouncy and it feels good.  I did talk with another deva curl stylist and she did say that they are teaching a "new" way of cutting deva cuts.  Making it easier for some stylists.  Still doesn't make much sense to me tho.  And I still don't like that my hair was combed out and then pulled out and cut across.  I'm thinking that this might work for the first and maybe second trimming but then what about the long run?  the other deva curl stylist did say she's getting alot more clients because she still does the original way of doing it - curl by curl and sculpting the hair and the way the curls lay.  So.. I don't know.  I like the sides of my hair now better.  They are more even.  I had to give more stars because my hair does look good right now.   I have emailed Deva curl and asked them what are they truly teaching now.  Because from what I'm learning and seeing is that there are two ways. And who knows without time, which one works better.....  Have not heard back from them yet.

Visions Salon and Spa - Auburn, California, United States
Toni West

Oct 04, 2014 -

I'm giving a 1 because I went in for a Deva curl CUT.  I didn't get that.  She was going to wet my hair down and I said, no.  I should have walked out then and there.  She said, "ok, I'll cut it dry."  She proceeded to comb out my hair!!  It made it into a frizzy mess.  She then stretched it out and cut it just like anyone would do a wet straight hair style.  I'm sure my nice curl pattern is gone.  She didn't really even know her products.  Will not be going back to this salon.  They have 5 people listed on their site that they are deva trained.  They have certificates too up at their stations.  So, I have to ask Deva.... are you just taking people's money and giving out certificates???  That's what is sounds like to me. I will not be going back to this salon!  they even have the curly book out on display.  

At Last Salon & Spa - Lincoln, California, United States

Mar 26, 2013 - I gave this salon a good review a while back but I have to re-do. My cut was ok. But I started noticing some long pieces and the sides were off. Something was not right. And she will NOT wash and style unless you ask her to and that is extra money!! She is already expensive. That part I didn't like at all. The salon is small and not very up to date to say the least. I did not look forward going in because it's dark and depressing looking and if you're thirsty, bring your own drink because nothing will be offered here. I will not be going back. I found a new place that is bright and airy, you get treated like a queen and you won't be thirsty :) And you get your hair washed deva style and shown how to style it to get better curls. I will be posting on my new salon