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DerbyCityNaturals's Latest Product Reviews

Kimble Bounce Back Curling Revitalizer

Jun 05, 2011 - it's a no from me. this product was gifted to me from another curly who didn't like it. My hair like glycerin gels but this just did absolutely nothing for me; did not define curls, tame frizz, moisturize, nothing. would not recommend purchasing.

Kinky-Curly Spiral Spritz Natural Styling Serum

Aug 02, 2010 - Just recently swapped for this product mainly for my curly teenage daughter. This is a fantastic moisture spray. I use the product not as a curl definer or a to provide hold because it does not work for that. However as a moisturizer for refreshing curls or for braided/twisted styles it is FANTASTIC. Another winner for Kinky Curly. The key to this product line is knowing what a product was designed for and how to use it. A tip for appplication: I do not spray on my hair. I spray 15-20 pumps in my hand an apply to sections.

Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter

Jul 25, 2010 - Could not get passed the smell. It is way too strong. Reminds me of some sort of herbal version of icy hot. It gave me a headache and I had to wash it out. The product looks light like a lotion but is heavy like a butter and has a waxy feel after applied. I did not purchase the product right out, bought it off another dissatisfied curly on a swap board. I gave it to my teenage daughter who loves butters, heavy oils (this has corn oil in it) and petroleum in her hair and she liked it. She said it made her hair softer. However her hair smells and I made her leave the room because I was getting a headache.

DerbyCityNaturals's Latest Salon Reviews

Regis Hairstylists - Oxmoor Mall - Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Jul 12, 2010 - This is a nice salon but you can receive "hit or miss" results. I am very resistant to allowing any stylist perform any high risk treatment on my hair (cutting, coloring, straightening)before they have proven their chops as a stylist. However my daughter on her quest for straight-er hair armed only with the blowdryer had managed to fry her ends in only a couple of weeks. I normally trim her hair myself but she needed professional help. I took her in as a walk in out of dispair and talked with stylist Re-Re first about my expectations and her expertise. She answered all of my questions and was knowledgeable. She cut off the fried ends and reiterated healthy heat styling habits to my teen. It was a great experience and the price was fair. However when I returned a couple months later the stylist was no longer working their and another stylist admitted to me that they had a high turnover rate. After watching the stylist I was talking to flat-iron her clients hair on a heat that was way to high I opted not to have my daughter's hair done and have not been back for style since.