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Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Strength Restoring Conditioner

Apr 24, 2014 - I had this bad boy in my hair under my turban wrap for a full day and it didn't drip. This conditioner is thick and stays put. It has great slip. My 4J-Z hair that usually does snap and pop while being combed listened to this conditioner. My hair chillaxed and the comb slid through easily and pain free. I used this for pre AND post wash conditioning,and it worked well. I would use this as a leave in, or wash most of it out, and leave a bit in for extra moisture. It smells great, the bottle is your traditional conditioner bottle, ad it 's a great complement to the shampoo. I recommend this product.

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Tension Release Hair Wash

Apr 24, 2014 - I wanted to give this product more like 4.5 rating. I really, really liked it!!! I'm old school, have had natural hair for 20 years now, and I like sulfates. I need my shampoo to lather and clean my hair, and this product delivers. My hair felt clean, and the lather was moisturizing. The last time I used it was right after taking out twists. I was a bit skeptical, since I usually have significant shedding, but to my surprise, I experienced very little. I was able to start the detangling during the washing process, and that is something I don't usually do. I used about a quarter sized amount and got a nice lather. The smell didn't stand out, but it's fine since the rest of the line is pretty fragrant.

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Super Softening Hair Butter

Apr 24, 2014 - This stuff smells really good. So far, I have used it on my hair wet and dry, and I think i like it better on second, third, or 8th day hair, slightly misted with water, for a refresher cream. The first time I used it while my hair was wet, I must have added too much because few hours after applying, my hair felt greasy, but not really moisturized. I was heavy handed, so that may have contributed to the outcome. It clearly states to add a small amount, but I ignored the directions, cause ummm... this 4J-Z hair of mine needs a lil more product. In this case, though, I might have had a better outcome had I followed directions. The next time, I had twists in my hair, used it while dry (just a little mist) and my hair absorbed the product. It felt nicely moisturized afterward. I can see this product possibly playing nice with maybe a gel for a very nice twistout.