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Aug 07

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L.A. Looks Sport Look Gel (dark blue)

Aug 03, 2013 - This is my holy grail styler. Many people say that wavy hair needs light-weight gels and creams but not hard-hold gels, and that's simply a myth. If I use anything on my hair besides a hard-hold gel, my waves become insanely frizzy and have no definition. With this gel, though, my waves are smooth and defined. I use a large amount on my hands and then scrunch it into my wet hair. Once my hair is dry, I shake the waves out a bit and scrunch out the ends. Many creams and light-weight gels leave a heavy, waxy residue on my hair, but this doesn't. Finally, the price of this huge bottle means that I will never have to worry about running out.

Kinky-Curly Spiral Spritz Natural Styling Serum

Aug 03, 2013 - This doesn't really do much for my frizzy hair when used alone, but I've found a new use for it. I needed a leave-in product, so I grabbed this, sprayed a few pumps into my hands, and smoothed it over my wet hair. I then scrunched in a hard-hold gel (LA Looks Sport). After my hair dried and I scrunched out the crunch, my waves were smooth and shiny. It's very hard to find a shine-enhancing product that isn't heavy and doesn't contain oils or silicones, so this is a nice find.

Renpure Organics Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner

Jul 30, 2013 - First of all: Don't let the name scare you!! It doesn't have any relaxers that could straighten out your hair. Instead it contains a really nice balance of protein, coconut oil and moisturizers that leave my hair shiny and smooth! I'll admit...I've only used this product about 3 times. Already, though, I think this may become a HG rinse-out conditioner for me. I had been using the Renpure Argan oil version, but that left me over-conditioned and isn't totally CG. This is glycerin free (my hair dislikes glycerin and it's difficult finding products without it), so that's a big plus. It's got Silicone Quaternium-17, but that ingredient is water-soluble so it's completely CG-friendly. The texture is a medium thickness with enough slip to comb though once it's been completely distributed on the hair. The scent is...odd. Sort of like faintly sweet and floral play-doh. It doesn't linger, though. Overall this very well might become my go-to conditioner.