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Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner

Aug 16, 2013 - I was so thrilled to finally get my hands of the largest container I could find at my Local Beauty supply for 49.99  this came HIGHY RECOMMENDED by Phillyzjampoet (YouTube) who Raved and said this is all she uses on her hair, well quite naturally I would never second guess her or even the Major Brand Mixed Chicks who are natural Curlies ..never would I ever check the ingredients never ... Well' after leaving my beauty supply at a Red Light thought I'd take a quick peep at the ingredients to see how well this conditioner is since its sold at all Major Target stores as well ... OMG I almost fainted when my eyes zoomed at the last ingredient SODIUM CHLORIDE ..this is the very ingredient I always avoid and according to www.tightlycurly.com this is to be Avoided !!  Read on for a full description as yes I'm stuck with this since I'm unable to get a refund due to the stores return Policy .. Salt     Avoid  (Such as Sodium Chloride or Potassium Chloride). Corrosive. Used as a cheap thickener or to keep product from separating. Can rough up cuticle and make hair dried out and brittle [ Begoun (Hair) pg 304].  See also: Salts  Source(s): Begoun  Salts    (aka Ionic compounds)  Okay  Many of the ingredients I look up call themselves "salts" of another ingredient. Now, I don't like to see the Sodium chloride type of salt in any product that I'm going to let stay in my hair for a while. But I also wanted to put in a more technical definition for those ingredients that were "salts of" something else, for those of you who want more information about what exactly that is. So I pulled out my old Chemistry text book and refreshed my memory:  Ions are particles with an electrical charge. An ionic compound in it's simplest form is often one positively charged ion, and one negatively charge ion held together by the attraction of their charges.  Salts are basically simple combinations of ions that are electrically balanced, so they are neutral when combined. For example, Sodium chloride is an ionic compound because it is made of Sodium (which is positive) and Chloride (which is negative), and it is also a salt, because it is neutral when put together [Chemistry: THe Molecular Science by Olmsted & Williams (2nd ed.) pgs 64-66].  I've learned my lesson to always read the ingredients and never take anyone's word especially when it comes to my Natural hair !