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DevaCurl Low-Poo

Oct 16, 2013 - I needed a new low-poo for my hair and bought this since it was in-stock at the salon. A lot of people seem to like it, but it's just not for me. Background: I have 2a hair that I wash every other day. I've been mostly sulfate free for a year, but I'm kind of new to the whole CG routine. This is the fourth sulfate free shampoo I've tried. This shampoo does provide a mild lather in your hands, but not much on your head (I think you'd have to use a TON of product to get a really good lather... if that's what you want). Others have mentioned the fragrance. There is a rather distinctive smell, that I at first didn't care for, but I don't mind it too much now. It kind of reminds me of licorice or those DOTS candies. My main issue with this shampoo is that it leaves a residue on my scalp and hair. I've been using it just over a week, and I'm really trying to give it a chance to work, but it's not looking good. After using it late last night, I woke up this morning to gunky hair: I couldn't tell if my head was still damp or greasy. If you're looking for a new low-poo, I wouldn't completely rule this one out. Lots of people really like it. I'm just not one of them.