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Beehive Salon Brooklyn - Brooklyn , New York, United States

May 26, 2011 - LOUIE definitely saved my curly hair!! I highly recommend him! Continue reading for the full story. I went to the Beehive salon in Brooklyn for the first time on Sunday. Honestly, the only reason I went was because it was open, nearby, and cheap. But I guess you get what you pay for.. at least I found it to be that way with junior stylist, Stephanie. I made a same-day appointment and was charged $50, the lowest cost women’s haircut they have. I was supposed to receive a Deva Cut but what I got was FAR from it. She SLASHED my curly hair with her shears while it was dry and randomly thinned out chunks of hair at a time- Definitely NOT the Deva way. She didn’t even use Deva products, so I had to use a sulfate shampoo because I had a feeling she used a conditioner with silicone or something b/c it was not working well with my hair. I will NEVER go to her again. Sorry for the shitty review but you made me ANGRY. Don’t say you do Deva Cuts when you don’t actually, she ruined the hair I’ve been growing out for nearly a year.. thanks. So I called back and insisted on another cut, even if I had to pay more. Nicely enough, Louie agreed to fix my hair free of charge! Even tho normally he is $75 because he is a senior stylist. Anyway, he is AWESOME! He listened to me and inspected my curls ten times more effectively than Stephanie. He even gave me awesome tips to do at home.. he truly knows curly hair!! He gave me a fabulous cut and didn’t even have to cut off too much more, b/c he knew I wanted to keep as much length as possible. I will definitely go back to see him. He’s better than the junior stylists at Devachan, for about the same price. So if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the Devachan Salon.. Go see Louie!!