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Kelly Elaine Inc. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Kelly Anker

Oct 04, 2012 - Great Curly Salon! Ever since I was a teenager, I have been on the hunt for that one salon who could give me the perfect hair cut to make my curls look amazing and also show me how to do my hair so I wouldn't have a frizzy mess when I tried to do my hair after they cut it. I thought I had found the place last year at a salon who did Deva Curl cuts and sold the deva products, but they never showed me how to use the products properly or how to style properly. I happened to be in Pittsburgh for a weekend and found Kelly Elaine's Salon. She gave me a very cute cut that makes my curls the curliest they've been in a long time. They also showed me how to wash my hair and what products to use and how to style my hair with the deva curl products. I have been doing my hair now for a week and they are so soft and the frizz is very minimal if any. Even if you think you are using the products correctly I would go just to get a hands-on lesson on how to use them. I learned so much even after I had read the book and had been using the products for a few months. The trip there was well worth the experience and the education on my curls. If you are like me and searching for that one place to help you make the best of your curls, then you should go see Kelly.