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AG Hair Cosmetics Smoothing Balm

May 04, 2014 - IT'S ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE, YAY:) To my surprise I actually liked this product. The consistency is a thick vaseline texture but once you rub in it in your hands it thins out and gives nice bouncy curls. APPLYING IT TO "DRY" HAIR: The directions says to apply on dry hair. Okay, I have 3c/4a curls, shoulder length and thick. With only 2oz to work with, there is no way I can apply it on dry hair and have some left over. Before making judgement I decided to follow the directions. I applied this on day 2 hair without applying any water or anything, I picked out a frizzy curl, rubbed a small amount of product in my hands and smoothed it in my curl. It did take away the frizz and gave it a nice shiny look but it also weighed down the curl. APPLYING IT TO "WET" HAIR: I washed my hair and applied a leave in conditioner like always. I sectioned my hair starting from the bottom, combed the section and applied a small amount of product (smaller then a dime size) then finger combed it through. I did this to my entire head and let it hair dry. DRYING PROCESS: While drying, my hair looked weighed down but it wasn't and my curls were very defined. Once it fully dried, my curls shrunk back up, were defined, soft, bouncy and shiny with minimal greasiness. THE NEXT DAY: I have not found a sleeping method yet, so I sleep with my hair loose. To my surprise, my curls were still defined with very little frizz at the top. OVERALL THOUGHT: I like this product but I prefer to put it on wet hair as a styling curl product instead of dry hair. When I did use this on day 2 hair, I find that it works better if I spray water on the curl first, otherwise the product will be too heavy and weight it down. If you like to elongate your curls then I recommend this product using it on dry hair. However, becareful because too much will feel too heavy and it will feel greasy. A little does go a long way.