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Curltopia - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Feb 22, 2014 - I went to Curltopia a week ago. My appointment was scheduled from 12:30-2pm. I arrived ten minutes early and left at 6pm. I had a previous engagement at 5:30 pm, which I had to push back. My stylist was Nova and she somehow was double booked. Due to the recent snow storm that week, they probably got mixed up. The receptionist thought I had already been at the salon before and had experience with Nova. I explained that I was a first time customer and wanted a Deva Cut. I already stated this over the phone when scheduling my appointment. After waiting 30 minutes, I spoke with Nova about my hair needs. My sole reason for coming to the salon was to get a hair cut that would shape my hair up so that I no longer have a blockish/triangle look going on, reduce bulk at the bottom and achieve a somewhat elongated look. I showed her pictures of my hair freshly washed so that she can see how much my hair shrinks. I also showed her various pictures of what I was hoping to achieve. I have thick, dense, voluminous, frizzy hair. I was hoping for less volume with enough body, frizz free curls and a nice, playful cut. Basically I wanted a tamer, frizz free, well shaped version of what I already have. Nova did a finger style and trimmed my dead ends. No Deva cut which was what I went there for. She said the Deva Cut would just add volume, which was what I was trying to avoid. I am glad she told me that but I felt that she still could have done more than just trim my ends. I wanted my hair to be shaped up. So I left the salon with well defined popping, bouncing, free moving, shiny curls but no real cut. Because I was under the dryer my curls were also a lot shorter, stiffer and flatter than I would have liked. I wasn't too worried about it though because by day 2 my curls softened and my body was back. The curls lasted for 6 days. When I washed my hair out again, I even found some split ends. Had she done a better job on the cut I would have given the salon 5 stars. The services cost $105, which included trim, finger style and hydration treatment. I gave her a pretty decent tip because I do believe she did her very best but that cutting wasn't her strong suit. She even asked a master stylist for pointers with cutting my hair. If the receptionist would have listened to my hair needs better than maybe she could have booked me with someone who was more confident with cutting hair. Plus, she was unfairly double booked. I must say that Nova is a master at creating curls. My curls were popping. It was wild (in a good way)! Overall, Nova was very professional, super friendly and a blast to chat with. She seemed like a super fun person who really loves what she does. I probably will go back to her for the hydration treatment. I am still in search of a good curly cut though, especially since a good friend told me my hair didn't look that different. I was wanting a cut that was more noticeable/stunning. I didn't really get a cut at all just a trim. Fantastic job on the curls though. Everyone wanted to play with them!