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Ossat Naturals Curl-Wave-Twist Shaping Gelly

May 15, 2014 - It's one of the better "gels" that I've used. I never do wng's because my hair is just disrespectful lol. I tried this product and it gave me some hope. I don't think I applied enough to my hair for it to be as effective as it could have been. I just didn't wanna overload my hair with products. Maybe next time I'll add a little more. It did, however, give my curls really great definition. It didn't leave them hard or crunchy at all. It also smell really nice, not over powering like some other gels I've tried. I may make this purchase in the future.

Ossat Naturals Form & Hold Wax

May 15, 2014 - I almost LOVED it! Lol. I tried it on my twists and hated how dry and sticky my hair felt afterwards. A few days later, I tried it on my puff and LOVED it. The smell is very nice and it held my puff and edges together nicely. It didn't leave any residue or a greasy feeling at all. I will more than likely purchase this product in the future.

Ossat Naturals Curling Custard

May 15, 2014 - HATED this along with the Moisture Lotion!!! I used them together for more moisture and they left little white balls in my hair! My hair felt sticky and plain ole DIRTY! I had to wash it out the very next day. Even while applying it, it felt weird on my hands. I saw the two products separating in my hands as I rubbed them together. I just assumed that they would mesh well together when on my hair. I will NEVER purchase this or the Lotion. On the bright side, it smelled really good. Which is why I was excited about trying it. Oh well!