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Cost Cutters Mormon Trek - Iowa City - Iowa City, Iowa, United States
Elizabeth Michaels

Oct 19, 2013 - I have given reviews on here before, and this one is only about 2 years past due. I went searching for a new stylist when I had begun a family, as my budget for my curls had changed. I found Miss Elizabeth Michaels and she is the best stylist I've ever had! Not only is she reasonable, but she understands hair and gives you exactly what you want. She has given me my ideal inverted bob/a line cut on my 3B/C curly hair that I had wanted for years. Previous stylists had ignored my request - and Liz did it right away. It looked amazing! Over the last 2 years I've gone to her exclusively. She has done highlights and low lights, and always maintained my perfect shaped style! Not only is Liz great with curly hair, but she is also the only stylist to be able to cut my husband's hair, which is the COMPLETE opposite, stick straight version of mine! Equally as hard to cut, if not more so - and she does a wonderful job every time. My son has been blessed with a mess of blonde curls like his momma, and she's done a great job on his first few cuts as well! (I've even switched to 'no poo' in the last 6 months and she's honored and respected my requests! Great stylist!) She's very friendly, nice, professional and hardworking. But most of all she's talented! If you want a great cut, color, style - or even a brow wax - that's reasonably priced and exactly what you want - go to Elizabeth Michaels at Cost Cutters on Mormon Trek in Iowa City.

Mike Manchester Salon Salon - Coralville, Iowa, United States
Sean Illian

Mar 23, 2010 - Sean is by far the best Hair Artist I have ever had the pleasure of being styled by. I came across Sean on this website when he worked at "Salon Shagz" (see reviews) after being dissappointed in several Iowa City Salons (Buzz and Groovy Katz) and searched into Coralville. I came to him for a cut on a whim, and absolutely loved it. He really has a great understanding of curls. He gave me a longer inverted bob, which I was told "couldn't be done" by other stylists. Sean then personally called me several months later to let me know that he was moving to "Salon Salon" near North Liberty. He also added me on facebook to stay in touch. (Let me tell you, this guy CARES about his clients!) I was in a pinch, and I emailed Sean on facebook to see if he could fit me in the morning after the email. He promptly got back to me and was able to accommodate. He did a high/low light, cut and gloss treatment and eye brow wax. He wasn't able to finish the cut because I had to leave, so he stuck around and kept the salon open to finish when I was able to get back. He gave me a haircut I had been looking for, for over 4 years. Fun and Edgy but Mature and Professional all at the same time. And my color is so amazing, I can’t stop staring at it in the mirror. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY WITH MY HAIR IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. The color is amazing, everyone LOVES the cut and it's just beyond words. Us "Curly Girls" know hair. We know what a blessing and a curse our mains can be. We know lots of horrible stylists and it's a real challenge to find a great stylist, and a great stylist who knows curly hair. Sean Illian is the stylist for you. I swear by him. Not only does he have a great attitude and personality, but he will make you look your absolute best. Contact him through his salon, or I’m sure he’d appreciate your addition on facebook. P.S. He’s somewhat pricey, but he’s worth every penny. Also, be on time and tip well. :)

Mike Manchester Salon Salon - Coralville, Iowa, United States
Sean Illian

Mar 20, 2010 - So I have been an avid user of for years, and originally went with the stylist who is reviewed on here in the most in Iowa City at Buzz Salon and Stylist "S". I don't recommend anyone to go there. They are very full of themselves and will do what they think will look best on you, not what you ask. So then, this lead me to Sean at the reviewed Salon "Salon Shagz" in Coralville and the Stylist "Sean". He did a wonderful job on my cut. A longer, inverted bob. It was great. It was what I had been searching for from Buzz and Stylist "S" for over a year. I then received a wonderful voice mail from Sean several months later saying that he was moving to "Salon Salon" in North Liberty. I was in a pinch and really needed my hair done, so I emailed him on Facebook, (he had added me after he moved to make sure we would stay in contact.) and he got me in right away the next day. He blended all my colors together with highlights and low-lights and gave me a great cut. Fun and Edgy, but Professional and Mature at the same time. Sean wasn't able to finish my cut, but he stayed late so I could meet him after I was off work to finish. I have never been so in love with the color of my hair as I am now. Not only is this Stylist, or HAIR ARTIST, as he refers to himself, one of the most talent men of his trade that I have ever met (and us Curly Girls KNOW hair, and we know LOTS of stylists) he has a great personality. He'll lift your spirits and make you look amazing. Like Sean's tattoo... what goes around comes around... This guy will do you right. Sean Illian, @ Salon Salon in North Liberty Iowa, right near the Coralridge Mall.