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Aveda Be Curly Style-Prep

Mar 21, 2013 - This stuff is pretty awesome. At first, I was unsure about it, since it seems like a bundle of money for a tiny little bit of product, but I don't need very much of it. It has a light scent, distributes well, and plays nice with everything I have tried it with (I frequently get weird product interactions even when products are supposed to be designed for use with other lines, so this is a big deal for me). I use it instead of a leave-in, and it is plenty moisturizing for me. It hasn't quite knocked my socks off, but I will be buying it again.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer

Mar 13, 2013 - I recently cut off 12 (count 'em) inches off my hair and went from butt-length 3a-b curls to an angled 3b bob. Consequently, my products needed a major overhaul: all my beloved HG products I had painstakingly collected suddenly made my hair flat and stringy! This was actually the first new product I tried. I nearly dropped a brick, if you know what I mean, when the salesgirl told me I had to wait until my hair was nearly dry and then rake it through my curls, but OMG IT WORKS. This is like serious hair magic. My curls looks soft, bouncy, shiny, and minimally frizzy for days. I know this would not have worked back when I was Rapunzel, so it may not be a good product for everyone, but I love it! I wish it came in a little pump like the prep. I love the smell, but if you don't like it, I find it does not linger long. I can't smell it after about 10 minutes.

Kinky-Curly Knot Today

Jul 31, 2011 - I love this! It is so versatile... I use it to do so many things. I mix it with deep treatments and conditioners for better distribution if they have no slip, I use it alone for heavy-duty detangling in the shower if my normal condish is not enough, I use it as a leave in. It plays very well with most of my products. For some reason it does not like my LA Looks Sports Gel, so I don't use it with that, but otherwise I never have to worry about product interactions. It is easy to mix with oils too... When I am feeling lazy, or I know that I want to wear my hair up for a few days in a row, I just leave off all styling products, and mix the KCKT with some coconut oil. The price is a little much, but I spend very little on my other products, so I am willing to splurge a little on this one.