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Nov 21

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MYHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask

May 03, 2011 - I love how soft this leaves my hair. I don't love that it doesn't detangle my hair, which means I end up using more of it because it doesn't feel like it's working when I apply it.

Oyin Handmade Shine and Define Styling Serum

Mar 05, 2011 - I don't know why this is called a serum--it's much more of a fluffy cream. But it's my new favorite product to get second, third--or six or seven--day hair. Keeps my curls defined and soft. (Just wish it cost a little less and was more widely available locally.)

Trader Joe`s Nourish Conditioner

Jan 07, 2011 - My second-favorite conditioner (after Deva's One Condition). I apply in the shower, comb it through, and keep it in under a styler, like Curl Junkie's Coffee-Coco Curl Cream. It helps detangle and define curls and it doesn't break the bank.

JohannaEG's Latest Salon Reviews

HeadChop - Brooklyn, New York, United States

Jul 30, 2016 -

Kate gave me a great haircut. She listened to what I wanted, consulted with me when she had questions, and let me know what she was doing every step of the way. The styling afterwards was excellent, and while she let me know what products she used (they're a Deva place), she didn't push me to buy them.

The only negatives are that the wash/style post-cut is not included in the price of the cut itself--while they are very clear about that, I've never been to a salon with that structure before (The cut was $60, the set $20). More frustrating was that they are cash only--plan ahead.

I will definitely go back!

Yellow House Salon - Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nov 09, 2015 -

Full disclosure: I haven't been to this salon. Tori cut my hair when she worked in New York City, and I wanted to make sure you lucky Nashville curlies found her!

Exhibit: A Salon - Brooklyn, New York, United States

Jan 16, 2014 - Deva-trained Tori is fantastic--she listens and discusses the cut you want before making the first cut. She uses Deva products to wash, condition, and style after cutting. She also offered to make adjustments if I noticed anything amiss in the weeks following the cut (which I did not) at no additional charge. Women's cuts are only $65, a huge bargain by NYC standards. Highly recommended.