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Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier

May 16, 2011 - ~~~~WORKS WONDERS~~~~ ;P I had to give this product a 5!!! I really enjoy using this product! Okk. The main reason for the use is for my 2nd day hair. Or when i dont feel like washing it, i just spray it on my hair and it just makes it come alive. Annd for the like 4th and 5th day twist outs, ohh yess.. this is all I use! :) The smell is like a straight up-mild cocunut smell. ( This is the only product by her that smells like it) Not a heavy formula at all, non- greasy too! And thats a PLUS! I also use it on my two-strain twist. Just to give them some moisture. All in all, ANY hair type can use it. You will not be disappointed by it! :))

Taliah Waajid Enhancing Herbal Conditioner

May 16, 2011 - The reason why I gave this product a 3 is because: 1. I used this conditioner as a co-wash the first time I got it. And it didnt do ANYTHING for my hair. :( The consistency is verrryyy VERY watery. Not thick at all. The smell is kind of like a tropical and some kind of fruit smell. Her products always has a mild smell (not bad smelling though). The second time I used it( I always give products another try :)) I used it as a deep conditioner treatment. I sat under the dryer for 20mins annd it clumped my hair up sooo freaking bad!! O_o.. It was soo hard to try and de-tangle it!! 2. I went to purchase the Total Body Shampoo, and I used them BOTH TOGETHER, now, with those two together, it WORKED for my hair :) My curls were very defined and it really surprised me! I have 3 types of hair! 4a,4b, annd 4c :(( Soo my hair in all really like it :pp Soo my recommendation is to use the shampoo and conditioner TOGETHER! If you have 4a and up hair. For the 3's and 2's. this can be used for a co-wash for your type of hair :) Because the conditioner is not a "heavy type" at all but more of a water base lite formula.

Taliah Waajid Total Body Black Earth Shampoo

May 16, 2011 - This product is a really good shampoo!!! The smell is mild. Not too strong, not too lite. It really cleaned my hair and left a nice hint of shine too :) And another thing why I like it, is because it doesnt leave your hair feeling "stripped". Like really stiff and like a wool feel. Soo I recommend this product to the curly sistas and brothas out there :)