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Obsessions Salon & Day Spa - East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States
P.J. Lussier

Feb 10, 2013 - I am thrilled to have found my favorite curly stylist ever is now at Obsessions Salon and Day Spa! After having had supposed curly hair experts (including Ouidad and Deva) in Chicago, New York and elsewhere cut my hair, in my fifty plus years I've never found anyone who listens to the client and personalizes a great and manageable curly cut and style any better than P.J.. For example, on my last visit I told him I wanted to go short, and he was very careful to clarify exactly what length and style I meant by "short" and whether I meant wet or dry, which as any curly girl knows are two entirely different lengths! His color is amazing, too; he made subtle adjustments in my personal lowlight formula which made the end result closer to the shiny medium blonde I was before I was gray. As a bonus, he's a very positive and down to earth man and interesting to chat with. Once while I was under the lights I listened as he carefully walked someone through the steps it would take to go from her current style to the new style she wanted. He never dissed the woman's previous stylist but pointed out places that would be "more challenging" than others as it grew out. He's tactful, but honest. Plus, if you want he teaches you exactly how to style your cut. You walk out with a great color, cut and style - and a smile, but unlike with some other stylists, the confident feeling about your hair lasts past the first time you shampoo. Obsessions is conveniently located at the rotary in East Longmeadow and has plenty of parking in the back. I'm looking forward to trying some of their other services too. To schedule your appointment with him, call (413) 374-1306.

Elite Image Salon - East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States
PJ Lussier

Sep 09, 2012 - I could not agree more with the other reviewers here. After leaving NYC (where I have had both Ouidad and Deva cuts) I despaired of finding a stylist who could manage my hair. I followed the other reviewers' advice and have been going to PJ for a year now. I, like others was originally nervous because he cuts wet, but I understand now that it's because he has the experience and vision to know what your hair will be like when it's dry! There is no formulaic approach here, one cut fits all, it is completely individual to your hair. After growing out my 90% gray hair, I decided I wanted some color back into it. PJ did a low light effect that looks completely natural, but better. He also styled my hair for a wedding, and created a soft but defined "off the face" look that let my earrings show, which was exactly what I asked for. I am 55, but he also cut and highlighted my very hip daughter's curly hair; she says it's the best cut and color ever. You will not be disappointed here. PJ listens, he asks questions about what you want and how much time you want to spend on your hair daily, then he trains you to style your hair. I can actually replicate his style at home, a first for me! But you MUST ask for him specifically when you call the salon, I've definitely noticed when I've been there that not all of the stylists there are curl wizards. PJ's assistants Tina and Monique are terrific, too.

Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States

Jun 25, 2009 - Two words: James. Rocks. I walked in with a shapeless (think Dilbert women) mess of drugstore blonde, frizzy long hair and walked out with an amazing cut and perfect, creative color, and a new friend, all for $200 on a "summer special". I was a little uneasy about the fact that James cuts the hair dry, but then it seemed like Edward Scissorhands was working on me. I watched the shape evolve in front of my eyes in a flurry of snips, and it was wonderful. Then the color, which James paints on one tiny curl at a time. He said ahead of time that he works fast and hoped I wouldn't be put off, but then he seemed like a genius painter that is eager to see the finished work. How can I explain it? He was fast but not rushed. Then the shampoo, and another finishing cut, this time wet. Then he showed me how to style my hair, well enough that I actually replicated the style the next day! He explained the products he used and offered them all, but there was no hard sell, and he acknowledged that the combination Ouidad/Deva products I am using works well. So many stylists talk down on products they don't sell, but James wants you to have products that you can work with. I did end up getting the Curl Glaze they sell; I LOVE it, and I almost never buy salon product because I am so often disappointed when I use it at home. James chats as he works as so many stylists do, but he was sensitive to my mood, too, not intrusive or a non-stop talker. The last specialty curl place I went was Ouidad, and they "stepped" the back of my hair so badly it took two cuts elsewhere to finally fix it, so I was uneasy about some place new. Don't you be! The reviews concentrate on how good James is with color, and he is a master, but his cuts are every bit as good. And. . . he's easy on the eyes, too! Um, one little thing. They don't take credit cards for tips, which is annoying, but then when I suggested that they tell new customers when they book that it's cash tips only, I was told first that, "Most people know." Um, how would I know??? I'm new??? And then she hastened to add defensively that she wasn't the one who booked me. Well, excuse me for trying to make a suggestion that would keep you from chasing new customers off who mind walking two blocks to an ATM to give the stylist a much deserved tip. Then she forgot to give me the product I paid for, which was easily fixed, but still. . . checkout was not a happy experience. You need to make paying, which is the painful part, as comfortable as possible, folks. As to the salon itself. . .it was just fine. No problems there. I dound it easily. It's a little funky the way it's in a basement, and a little disorienting when you come up out of the warren, but I wouldn't take off points for that. All in all, it would have been a perfect 10 except for checkout, so James gets a 10 and the visit gets a 9.