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Kenra Firm Hold Gel 23

Oct 28, 2012 - I am only giving four curls, because it is expensive, and because I haven't tried a lot of gels yet - but so far, this stuff rocks! Even though it has firm hold, it is light and thin, emulsifies easily, and I use it as part of my layering cocktail. I apply it on the roots to hold lift, and I also use it over my curl-enhancing creme while hair is still wet. . And I use it as a dry-hair smoother, to get my frizz under control...also on second-day hair to refresh curls, with a bit of water. I really like this product. No heavy perfumes, and it works. :)

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Resurrection Conditioner

Oct 23, 2012 - I use this conditioner with the Level 2 Urban anti-dotes shampoo and it really is nice to my fine hair. I get good curl definition, frizz reduction, and good slip and moisture. I also get third-day hair as well as volume from this combo, so that kinda rocked my world! :D Have also gotten compliments on my hair since using it :) The only thing I dislike about this product is the smell - it smells like bubblegum and medicine, or gum and med clinics, at the same time? However, the smell disappears under my styling products, and because I love the results, that isn't putting me off of it ;) Love!

L`Oreal Paris EverCreme Sulfate-Free Moisture System Conditioning Cleanser

Oct 23, 2012 - I really wanted to like this product, because it received such good ratings and is super-affordable. I also wanted to see what co-washing was about, as I haven't tried it yet...But. This product left my hair with awesome curl definition while it was wet (hence 3 curls) however, my hair dried horribly - turned into a flat, frizzy, greasy mess. I was not able to detangle with this so had to add extra conditioner, maybe that is why...but I felt like it looked like I hadn't washed it for days. This may be because it doesn't play well with my styling cocktail, either, so I give it that benefit of a doubt, but I had to go rewash my hair after, because it looked so gross, and that kinda broke the deal for me. I really could not get over the amount of frizz in my hair from this product! The smell of this is also a deal-breaker for me. To my nose, it just smells like bad perfume over B.O., like all the other L' Oreal products. Verdict: I will give this to my straight-haired niece to see if she can use it, but I am not willing to ever put it in my hair again. Too bad! :( I will try co-washing again, but not with this! Don't let that put you off trying it though, it worked really well for the others here...just not for me.