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Crowning Glory - Burbank, California, United States
Leo Freeman

Jan 05, 2011 - I first met Leo because of the ad that popped up on this site. I'm so glad I clicked on it and made an appointment. At the time, I was transitioning from absolutely hating my hair and using a relaxer once or twice a year to becoming a Deva devotee. I had already stopped relaxing and was using Deva products, but my hair was still a mess! Leo was the first stylist I can remember who actually took the time to examine my hair rather thoroughly and talk to me about what I loved or hated about it. She was really interested in discovering what "look" would work best for me. She was trained by Lorraine Massey herself, back when she still ran the workshops herself. She does a dry cut and takes her time, granted this can be VERY time consuming, but ultimately it's so very worth it. Also, she uses Deva products almost exclusively and has trained her assistants (fab girls too!) how to do the Deva style wash and condition AND even more importantly, they use super absorbant towels and do the hand scrunch dry. No rubbing or turbans from these girls! It marked the first time in my entire life I ever felt truly happy with a cut that left my hair curly - usually I'd only be satisfied if they cut and then blow dried - Leo and I let it air dry to get a good look at how it was going to take shape. From the first visit to the last (Sadly, I can't afford her right now because of my budget constraints, but I'd go back in a heartbeat if I had more $) I can honestly say that I was supremely happy with the service she provided. As the quality of my hair continues to improve, I know that it all got started with Leo's magic!

Salon Xia - Pasadena, California, United States

Jan 05, 2011 - Mark is fabulously talented! Kind and caring. Salon Xia is this charming little converted house and the cuts are affordable. Mark takes the time to discuss with you what you want/need and what will work for your hair type, lifestyle, and the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in to accomplish your look! He does not do a dry cut, nor was he trained in the Deva or Ouidad techniques, but his experience with "ethnic" hair and his styling methods have definitely made a HUGE difference in my transformation to a No-Poo, Sulfate & Paraben free, Rocking My Natural Curls kind of Girl! I just saw him last week for a cut, texturisation, overall clean up and for the first time in a long time, I can say 1) I'm deliriously happy and 2) this is what my REAL hair looks like (or should!) Can't say enough good things.

Crowning Glory - Burbank, California, United States
Leo Freeman

Aug 04, 2009 - Wow! I've been seeing a woman familiar with curly/ethnic hair for about 10 years prior to meeting Leo, but it was nothing to compared to what I experienced with her! Everything people have written about her here is TRUE! First of all, she's adorable. Secondly, she is willing to do a consult free of charge. Third, she listens and gently examines your hair. She is Deva trained (by Lorraine Massey herself) and it shows. The cutting process may take a while since she does go thru piece by piece, but its definitely worth it! I'm usually there about an hour and that includes 10-15 minutes under the dryer. I've seen Leo now twice and after my second visit - well, now I've gone curly girl for about 2 years now, and I've never been happy with my hair curly ever - but after my most recent cut, I was actually happy and smiling. Something I'd never do unless my hair had been blown out. Even Leo, said Wow! You will too. Leo is not just a technician, but an artist as well. She's worth it and from now on, I'm a loyal disciple.