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Paul Mitchell Cleanse Awapuhi Shampoo

Jun 13, 2012 - This shampoo really surprised me. I kept adding more and more and relathering in the shower because I thought my hair was still gunked up with product. The REASON I thought that wass because my hair DID NOT poof up and become a giant swollen mass like shampoo normally does, which is how I can tell it finally cut through the product that was coating my hair and weighing it down. This shampoo was able to clean my hair without my hair becoming a giant ball of tangles. I didn't have tangles, my hair didn't swell. In fact, I tried to pull my hair apart while fully sudsy and I was able to do it, no problem! Detangle with shampoo IN??? Crazy! I bought the sample size to try, and will now be purchasing the full. I don't know why I always believed the tale that when it comes to shampoo, there isn't much difference between drugstore and salong, because it's SO not true. Love this stuff. Oh and yes, my hair was squeaky clean, but I did three wash rinse and repeats :)