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Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

May 31, 2013 - Honestly, this is the best product I have used thus far. I had used this product BEFORE getting an offical OUIDAD CARVE & SLICE haircut. I wasn't getting the best results, but it was damn better than what I had been using before. This gel though has a weight to it will NOT weigh your curls down and there is NO CRUNCH, I hate crunch. I finally went to a Ouidad stylist and told her I had already been using the Climate Control gel as well as the moisturizer and spray. Here is where my Ouidad Climate Control experience went to a whole new level. I watched as my stylist used the gel throughout my hair, as we was taught and guided by the Ouidad Flagship intensive training (look it up, it's some serious training). The key is the Rake and Shake, a Ouidad technique. You simply take a section of hair about as wide as your first three fingers (minus your thumb) into your palm with a quarter (or more, you want your hair wet with gel) of the Climate Control gel in it. Rake the gel throughout the section of hair between your fingers until saturated, be sure to get your roots! Once she finished off each section of my hair she used a DIFFUSER on low heat to set the gel, as this get is HEAT ACTIVATED. Let me tell you, my hair looked STUNNING FOR 3 DAYS, and ever since watching her my hair has looked FLAWLESS since using Climate Control. I hadn't been diffusing it with a blow dryer or putting enough of it in. THE KEY TO MAKING ANY PRODUCT WORK IS TO USE IT AS IT IS MEANT TO BE USED, NOT BY YOUR OWN MEANS. After realizing I wasn't nailing the technique right, I changed how I used the product and I haven't looked back. If you really take the time to understand how the creator of the product intends you to use it, the product, whether Ouidad or not will surprise you!