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Harmoni Salon - San Antonio, Texas, United States

Jun 01, 2012 - First and foremost, I loved the atmosphere of the salon and I really wanted this to be MY salon. However after getting my hair done there, I'd rather not go back. I went in there with hair that was pretty close to midback but left with hair barely reaching my shoulders after Aresia blow dried and straightened it. She claimed I needed to make up for the trims I hadn't gotten and insisted that my hair was damaged without fully explaining how my hair was damaged (no heat damage, no breakage, a few splits). She was also very rough with my hair, I am by no means tender headed but my scalp was sore for 2 DAYS after my visit. I left the salon looking like I put a fork into a light socket! This salon didn't do anything to qualify as "specializing in natural hair" besides using organic products that did nothing for my hair. I had to go home, put some vatika oil on my hair and tie it down before it became presentable again.