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Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original

Jul 12, 2012 - I LOVE this Product... Curl Keeper is the best thing I have ever used on my hair, you can mix it with other products or use alone... I have 3a type curls and I put it on my hair right in the shower before I get out and dry off.. putting it on the hair when its very wet help distibute it real well and you also need to use a good amount or it wont work right. I recomend this product to all my curly clients and also carry it in the salon where I work as a curl specialist called EAZ salon in Coral Springs FL... as you know the weather in Florida is very humid so if this can work for most curlies than it has to be the best product out there. I 100% recommend Curl Keeper to everyone who has curly hair! TRY IT

Hair One Olive Oil Cleansing Conditioner for Dry Hair

Aug 07, 2010 - I have been using this product for the last few months and notice a big change in my hair. Its more moisturized and the curls look 100% better. Its the copy of the wen cleansing cream and think its wonderful. A must try, and Im a curl stylist who deal with many curly clients, tust me on this product.

Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

Jun 01, 2010 - I just LOVE this product, but I mix it with equal parts of Curl Keeper. Mixed together it is wonderful... it keeps my 3b curls soft, shiny and defined. Try them together, trust me Im a curly Hair stylist and I have tryed so many products and with living in a high humidity state I need my hair to hold up. Even next day curls are great, all I need to do is spray it with a little water and my curls are great. The most important thing is not to touch your hair till its 100% dry so it sets than when it totaly dry I can scrunch it and it look fantastic. :)

LipyLuna's Latest Salon Reviews

EAZ Salon - Coral Springs, Florida, United States
Linda Luna

Aug 15, 2008 - All I can say is WOW !! Linda gave me the best education on tips for my curly hair I have ever had in my life, she explained that everyone who has curly hair is so diffrent and we all need to treat our hair diffrently. (she understand because she also has very curly hair) and gave great tips on products. She was not pushy and very welcoming and fun. I felt 100% comfortable with her and trusted her right away as she knew what she was talking about and very honest. I would say this Salon and Linda are a 10. Thak God I found her.