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Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Banana Honey Butta Leave-In Conditioner / Thick & Luscious

May 17, 2013 - Not sure this worked for my fine 3b curls when used as directed, but in the warm northeast weather it's a great 2nd-day product for me. A tiny drop smoothes frizz and keeps me from getting triangle hair. And I love the smell! Glad I gave it another shot; I think it may just be a summertime product for me.

Curl Junkie BeautiCurls Argan and Olive Oil Daily Hair Conditioner

Apr 07, 2013 - In the shower, I thought this stuff was merely okay. It's a nice medium consistency, and it detangled my hair nicely, but I didn't think much of it. After shower, though, I put in a little CJ CCCL and some Deva Styling Lotion, and my hair came out beautiful -- tamed and sleek and shiny. And it lasted for FOUR DAYS. (Actually it lasted for five, but by the fifth it was starting to look funky. Still, though -- four days? I'm lucky if I get two.) So I'd recommend this conditioner! I have fine, medium density, low-porosity 3b curls that are for some reason 3aish at the moment -- maybe it's good for my type hair!

VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream Conditioner

Apr 07, 2013 - I was hoping this conditioner would hang the moon in the sky, and for me, it doesn't do that. It's a little thin for my liking, doesn't moisturize *quite* as much as I like, and the smell has something a little gross about it (kind of musky?) while you're in the shower, though that goes away as soon as you rinse it out. I have to say, though, it did a good job detangling, didn't leave residue, and my hair came out pretty nice the first day and lasted through to a second day. So, all in all, not bad for $.88! This is the best supermarket conditioner I've tried, for sure; I'm just giving it only 4 stars because there are other things (all more expensive, unfortunately) that work better.

MaggieT's Latest Salon Reviews

Firefly Salon - Northampton, Massachusetts, United States

Feb 28, 2014 - I've been getting my hair cut by Susan at Devachan for years, and she and the CG method have never done me wrong. But now I live in Western Mass and wanted to find someone local, so I followed the recommendations of some curly friends and found Christi. She doesn't do CG, but she is knowledgeable about curly hair. (She herself is a wavy, maybe a 2B?) I did a consult with her before doing a cut and color, and she really seemed to understand my hair. Though she cut it wet, she did a great, careful job, twisting and plumping up individual curls before going farther, being very conservative about how much she cut from the curlier parts. (I'm a mix of 2C in back to 3B-C in front!) She let me sit under a dryer for just a few minutes. So, in all, I'm really happy with how my hair came out. We made a change, but did it intelligently. I trust her not to mess up my hair -- I really think she understands it! I'll definitely be going back to her. Just FYI, this is an Aveda salon, so the products aren't CG, but in my opinion they're still basically pretty good for your hair. :)

Devachan Salon and Departure Lounge - New York, New York, United States

Nov 20, 2012 - I've been going to Deva for a decade now, and though I keep trying to find someplace else to cut my hair because it's $$$ and far from where I live, I always come back. I started off with Carlos, who now has his own salon somewhere. He did a great job on my hair -- helped me grow out a horrible razor cut -- but after three years couldn't learn my name. (I noticed this when I went for a trim a week before my wedding, then went back for a bang trim two weeks after -- it was like he'd never seen me before, couldn't remember I'd gotten married. Bleh.) So I asked to be switched to a junior stylist, and they recommended Susan. I've now been going to her for six or seven years and couldn't be happier with her! Susan is lovely -- friendly, low-key, sweet, and really listens when you tell her what you want. If you're interested in changing up your style, she'll do that; but the last time I went, I really just wanted a trim for health because I'm growing my hair longer, and she did a great job on my hair, cut off no more than I asked but made it look beautiful. And she has great styling tips. I recommend her wholeheartedly -- and second the reviewer who said, if the price scares you, go for a junior stylist. They are great hairdressers in the making!

The Workshop - New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Jul 08, 2012 - Whatever you do, stay away from this place! Worst haircut I have ever received -- and I'm a 3B curly, so I have gotten some poodley haircuts in my life. Dickie is a maniac. After I told him what I wanted, he just kind of randomly started cutting, jabbing the scissors around like an actual insane person. What he gave me was a mullet when I asked for a trim. It's taken me a year and a half to grow my hair back to relative attractiveness -- it's going to be another year before all the "layers" he cut are long enough to have my hair be simply long again. DO NOT GO to this terrible place. Luvena Leslie is a five minute walk away, and you can get an amazing curly cut there for the same price!