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Luann Andes, Hair Stylist - Surprise, Arizona, United States
Luann Andes (owner)

Aug 09, 2012 - I have been to many of the curly specialists in the Ann Arbor area. I've seen Cookie, Lara, Carmen, etc. I liked Luann best. I pointed out some of the problem areas my last haircut had left me with (bulkiness in certain areas & visible lines where some layers ended), and Luann was able to fix my hair. The cut she gave me was very flattering. My curls now blend well and my overall hair is well shaped. She was nice too. She introduced me to some products I had not previously known of, but she did not try to sell me anything (very appreciated!). I will definitely be going back to Luann and highly recommend her. What I liked best about Luann is that she is a hair artist, meaning she was able to look at my hair and cut it in certain places to make it look good. She didn't just cut hair the way a book said curly hair should be cut, etc. She has learned many techniques over the years and knows when and how to apply them. I left happy with my hair!

Above Ground - Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Nov 07, 2011 - I have seen Cookie for years. I have found her to be very hit or miss. I have gotten some great hair cuts. I have also gotten some pretty bad hair cuts. When she is on her game she is great, but unfortunately she is not consistent. I'm looking elsewhere.

Serendipity - Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Nov 07, 2011 - I got excited about this salon after reading the great reviews regarding Carmen. The salon is just ok. If you have curly hair and have no idea what to do with it, you might really like this place. But if you have curly hair that is stylish and you want it to look really beautiful, this is not the place for you. They will charge you $70. for a very basic hair cut and then just put you under the dryer. You will walk out looking like you just let your hair air dry with it not having any sort of prettiness or style to it whatsoever. I had to go work afterward and was embarrassed about the way my hair looked that day! I also told Carmen that I like my top layer shorter than what the curly hair book suggests. She replied that hairstyling was not just doing what the book says, and I liked that. But when it came to cutting my hair, she said the top layer needed to grow because I should be able to be tuck it behind my ear. So, she does go by the book afterall...and once again I had to go home and finish up a hair cut that I paid way to much for without getting what I wanted. Still searching for a curly salon that really wants to bring out the beauty in curly hair and not just dry it naturally and call it a day.