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Dec 02, 2017

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Karen Espichan

May 19, 2018 - My experience with trying out a new stylist is so****ing I can't put into words. I mean this in a good way! (I went in for a Devacut) I arrived early and was greeted, then met Karen. She was ****m and re****uring, so I knew I could trust my hair in her hands. She would go over my hair in detail and work out where to go with it. Explained what she used and why and gave me tips on caring for curls. My hair is the kind of hair that has super curly at the top, curly with some straight pieces on the side and the hair at my nape is wavy/straight. (Overall curl type 3B) It's been a challenge to find a stylist who can cut my hair, everywhere I went they didn't listen. Karen saw my hair's true curls and blended them together. It was like magic how they all curl around with an actual shape! I finally had shape! It took time to cut and at the end, I was still shocked. She cut my hair and made it look so good. I went from long uneven layers and triangle poof to round and light soft curls. It was an amazing experience and would recommend anyone seeking true art in hair to see Karen. I can't stop shaking my hair and have to keep my hands out of it.