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MirCurls's Latest Product Reviews

Curl Junkie BeautiCurls Strengthening Conditioner

Nov 06, 2010 - How OMG fabulous is this condish. It smells floral (there's an iris note in there, methinks) and it has lovey slip (which increases the longer you leave it on, like MAGIC), and has strengthening protein. My fine, dry hair loves this. No weigh-down. Nicely moisturizing. Clean feminine smell. Wonderful base for me to add Smoothing Lotion and use the CurlQueen. This is my fave rinse out in the Curl Junkie line. My thirsty porous hair loves it. This and Curl Rehab fill my showertime condish needs amazingly well. And without question, this perks up the curls. I do find them curlier since adding this to my regimen. I guess the protein keeps the perk. :D

Curl Junkie Curl Queen Gel

Nov 06, 2010 - My absolute favorite gel. It doesn't dry out my hair and doesn't cause the "glycerin frizz" I often get, cause it's glycerin free. It's moisturizing AND has a medium hold. Aids in clumping, for those who like that. I like to use it as a last step after LI and curl enhancer (works amazing with Re:coil, with flaxseed gelee, and with SS Curl Enhancing Jelly). For those who like a stronger hold, you can even use a touch of BRHG over this. I like the medium, touchable, soft hold myself. The scent falls in the "clean, soapy, perky" category. I think it's described as a "white tea", but I find it's more "clean soapy tea". :) If you have fine, dry, porous hair like me (I'm 3b), definitely worth a try. Does not weigh me down. Does not supercrunch.

Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly

Aug 30, 2010 - One of my fave styling products. It gives nice sproing to my curls and, when used in conjunction with the Firm Hold Gel by SS, I get good hold all day and even second day hair. I often use extra CEJ on subsequent days to refresh curls. I both rake then scrunch, adding a bit more to the lower half of hair to get clumpage going. I like that it's not sticky. Spiral Solutions gives me touchable, "sex-ready" hair as I call it. :D While I'm not wild about any of the SS scents, this one is a bit fruity and a bit herbally and not at all offputting. Just not a top fave scent. I like that you pump it out. More hygienic than sticking my fingers in a jar. An excellent product in a very good curl-friendly line.

MirCurls's Latest Salon Reviews

The Strand - Pinecrest, Florida, United States

Apr 23, 2010 - On April 23, 2010, after reading the positive reviews here and on NC.com, I had my first cut (and color) with Teri. She is as others have described,super friendly, a good listener, pleasantly chatty, and curly-friendly. Her own hair is in the 2's (wavier than curlier). I posted a review WITH PICS of my hair pre, during, and post At CurlTalk in the stylist chatter section and uploaded pics with Teri at my Fotki (MirCurls). She didn't cut a lot, as I am growing it out, but she cut enough to give it an attractive shape. She uses the wet cut technique, but she knows that we don't like "triangle head." The color came out GREAT, very much like my natural color only richer and without gray. She happily used the flour sack towels I provided to reduce frizz (though I left my preferred products at home). The AG styling products she used worked fine. The salon is busy, but the vibe in there is very friendly and it's not crazy noisy or chemically stinky like some. The prices are reasonable for a metro area like Miami. Totally a positive experience. Warning for the BBWs out there, the robe was not big enough for my size 24/26 body. I could close it, but only with some discomfort. I did wear a camisole under my blouse, so I just left the robe open and let my camisole cover my modesty. But be warned if you're big like me, you won't be able to button/sash it up without some discomfort. Bring checks or cash. Credit cards are not taken (thank God I took two checks in my wallet, cause I didn't know that in advance. Should have asked, my bad.) Teri will leave you with happy curls. I recommend.